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The English Language Institute (ELI) at the University George Fox can help you develop your English in order to study in the United States.

Special Features
  • No minimum competency is required in English to enroll in the English Language Institute.
  • The successful completion of the advanced level in English Language Institute meets the requirements of English proficiency to enroll at George Fox University.
  • Students earn academic credit for courses in intermediate and advanced levels of ESL. Click here for more information (in English) about the English as a Second Language (ESL).
  • The advanced students take a course in content for academic credit while enrolled in ESL.
  • Students of The English Language Institute is integrated into the life of George Fox University.
  • A regular class ELI has about ten students, so students and teachers can become better acquainted.
  • The campus of George Fox University is located in the small town of Newberg, Oregon; is safe and friendly and close to recreational areas and the city of Portland.

ELI curriculum

Minthorn Hall

ELI students are assigned to different levels according to the results of the placement tests and teacher assessment. The lower level courses teach basic English skills; Intermediate courses focus on academic English skills. Click here to see the course description for each level (the description is in English).

At the advanced level of ELI students enroll for credit in regular content courses such as history or sociology. The courses teach advanced level ESL necessary to understand and learn the course content or sociology and history to demonstrate the learning of each student with the use of tasks, lectures, essays and examinations techniques.

During the fall semester, all new students at George Fox University taking a course called Freshman Seminar. Advanced-level students enrolled in a class of First Year Seminar with other new freshmen. Other ELI students take a special course in First Year Experience for Students of ESL.

New ELI students participate in a single one-hour class with an American student for speech or additional assistance with technical English. Students continuing ELI can also register for this single class.

Besides ELI courses, students can enroll in a physical education course or music credit. With the approval of the student's counselor, ELI students may take a maximum of four hours of ESL classes each semester no.

Accommodation for students in ELI

George Fox University is a residential campus. Most live in university dormitories, apartments or houses. ELI students also share with roommates Americans. Most of the new students live in a room with one other person, although some live with several students in a suite (housing complex), house or apartment.

Hobson ApartmentsAll students living in residence halls are required to participate in a university meal plan.

Living on campus with American roommates gives international students an opportunity to develop social skills to learn English and the culture of their counterparts in the United States. Help international students integrate into university life and opens the way to develop multicultural friendships.

Opportunities to participate in the university community

Working StudentThere are many opportunities for students to participate in the ELI community George Fox University while studying in the United States.

Each student has a partner ELI fourth American and a fellow American conversation. ELI students can participate in many events such as the institution of the Day of Service. On this day, students, teachers and all their employees together to serve the people in the local community. ELI students also participate in activities and orientation seminars for new students in the chapel, residence activities and many other cultural and social activities organized by teachers and students.

All ELI students participating in the Class Observation Week, which offers half of each semester. During this week students visit ELI regular classes on campus to learn about the academic aspects of the university. ELI past students say the Class Observation Week helps them understand what they need to develop skills to succeed in the regular classroom. This also helps to know more about the powers of the George Fox University and gives them a chance to meet the teachers and their teaching styles.

ELI groups

We believe the best way to become proficient in a language is to use the skills in a meaningful way. Therefore, all advanced students enroll in one course per semester regular content. Each semester, a different course is chosen, such as Sociology, History of the United States, Cultural Anthropology and History of Western civilizations. Concurrent ESL courses help students develop academic English and study skills they need to succeed in a course at an American university.

ELI studentsELI students also serve as a resource of knowledge and experience to the general student population. Every February, they participate in Cultural Celebration Week, presenting cultural artifacts, information and demonstrations on a cultural fair. Some of the ELI students make presentations in classes and in the chapel.

ELI students are an important resource to increase cross-cultural experience of students from George Fox University. Sometimes ELI students are invited to classes that focus on intercultural communication and other topics of interest. Some teachers plan cultural issues for Class Observation Week for ELI students can participate and contribute useful information to the class.

Services for International Students

The Office of International Student Services is a resource for the university to meet the needs that are specific to international students. The director, Alex Pia, provides services such as planning an orientation program for new international students, establishing relations of friendship and family for all new students and providing academic counseling staff.

Additionally, the office of International Student Services provides information about the visa according to the regulations of the Immigration and Naturalization Service. The director helps international students in various aspects, such as maintaining legal student status, program extension, change of schools, permission to work and visits abroad during holidays and reentry.

Finally, the Office of International Student Services is a place where students will find a friend who answers any question that lends support any student may need.

How to Apply to ELI

Students who are accepted into the English Language Institute must complete all requirements for enrollment in George Fox University. You must have high school diploma or equivalent.

You are not required to take the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) if applying for the English Language Institute.

Note:. Directly If you want to enroll as a regular student at George Fox University (not through the ELI program), you must submit a minimum score of 500 on the TOEFL (173 on the computerized version of TOEFL). This requirement does not apply to students who successfully complete the advanced level in the English Language Institute before applying to be a regular student.

If you want to apply for the English Language Institute at George Fox, follow the steps below:

  1. Contact the Secretariat Tuition for additional information and forms necessary in some of the following ways:
    • Send a message via email to
    • Call 503-554-2240 or 1-800-765-4369 extension 2240
    • Write to: Dale Seipp, Director of Admissions, George Fox University, 414 N. Meridian # 6089, Newberg, OR 97132 USA
    • Make a copy of the request for the web page of George Fox University.
  2. You can apply any time, but if possible, do it in the early fall of the previous year to you. Would like to attend college. If you want to begin during the fall semester, which begins in August, it is better to submit all information requested by 15 June. If you want to start in the spring semester, which begins in January, send all information in the application before the first of December. All applications must be completed and submitted in English. We will decide to accept or not as soon as we receive all required material.
  3. Complete the following requirements and send them to George Fox University
    • An application form (available on the Internet network, in English only)
    • Official transcripts of academic records (translated into English)
    • Two letters of recommendation (available as part of the application on the WWW)
    • A personal statement (available as part of the application on the web site)
    • $ 40.00 non-refundable payment of fees
    • A Declaration of Finance or certified statement showing that the bank has sufficient funds to pay for the program and living expenses
    • Updated documentation of their immunization shots(Page)
You can find more information on how to apply for George Fox University here.

Expenditures ELI

No scholarships are available for students while in ELI. Students will be considered for academic scholarships after successfully completing the program ELI, ELI in the transition to a regular academic program at George Fox University.

Dear courses per semester for 2003-04 at the Institute of English Language expenses are:

Instruction US $ 6,885.00
Room and board $ 3,150.00
Books and supplies (estimated) $ 250.00
Student Rights $ 310.00
You sure:
Fall 2003 $ 457.50
Spring 2004 $ 457.50