George Fox's Namesake

Through Flaming Sword, by Arthur RobertsArthur O. Roberts’ book about the life and legacy of George Fox, Through Flaming Sword, marked its 50th anniversary with an updated version released in November 2008.

Originally published in 1959, Through Flaming Sword recounts the passion, struggles and legacy of a man committed to authentic Christian living. Fox, desiring a kingdom of truth on this side of the “flaming sword of Eden,” led a 17th-century spiritual awakening that attracted thousands of people who became known as the Society of Friends (Quakers).

Roberts, a professor-at-large who began his teaching career at George Fox University in 1953, recounts Fox’s personal spiritual journey and examines his legacy, particularly his thoughts on Christian holiness and the nature of the church. The book’s new version, published by Barclay Press, features added historical context and commentary.

In the words on one reviewer:

“This updated version of Through Flaming Sword provides a concise summary of the history of the Friends movement as well as demonstrates its ongoing relevance in today’s emerging culture. I especially appreciated Roberts’s emphasis on the need to recapture the original Quaker approach to holiness, which provides equal weight on both the experiential and ethical dimensions of Christian discipleship.”

— David Williams, associate professor of pastoral ministries/college chaplain, Barclay College, Haviland, Kan.

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