Author Dan Kimball visits

Dan Kimball, author of "They Like Jesus But Not The Church"Dan Kimball, author of They Like Jesus But Not The Church, encouraged George Fox students and faculty to get out of the “Christian bubble” in his chapel address Feb. 23.

In a presentation that included video interviews, Kimball shared how many non-Christians have a positive impression of Jesus but a negative opinion of Christians. “There is a big block between their openness to Jesus and actually listening to people in the church,” said Kimball, who serves as an adjunct faculty mentor at George Fox Evangelical Seminary and as a pastor at Vintage Faith Church in Santa Cruz, Calif.

Many non-Christians view Christians as judgmental, political, homophobic, and arrogant toward other religions. Much of this perception owes to loud, angry Christians who don’t represent the majority, he said.

“If they’re not engaged in our lives, how are they going to know any different?” asked Kimball.

Generally, the longer people are Christians, the fewer relationships they have with people outside of the church – and the more they become isolated in a bubble. “Get out of it,” he said.

In a talk-back session after chapel, students asked Kimball questions and shared their perspectives.

Earlier in the month, Kimball joined four other authors for “Recalibrating Concepts of Church,” the seminary’s biannual Ministry in Contemporary Culture Seminar.