Clinic offers aid to Haitian responders

George Fox's Trauma Response Institute offers resources to support those who responded to the Jan. 12 earthquake in Haiti.George Fox’s Trauma Response Institute is offering resources to provide support for those who responded to the Jan. 12 earthquake in Haiti.

The institute invites Haitian earthquake responders, including those who served through churches, government agencies, charities and non-government organizations, to engage in information meetings and debriefings free of charge. Sessions will focus on assisting responders in managing the effects of disaster-relief-related stress and helping in their transition upon returning home.

Information meetings are planned at the university’s Portland Center near Tigard March 2, April 6 and May 4, from 6:30 to 8 p.m. each evening.

The institute, coordinated by the university’s Graduate Department of Counseling, is designed “to promote the resiliency of responders who serve individuals and communities experiencing stress and trauma,” according to Anna Berardi, institute director.

Discussion at the meetings will focus on learning about the impact of traumatic stress and how to help others while remaining socially, emotionally and spiritually healthy.

In addition, the institute offers specialized workshops for disaster aid organizations. Confidential debriefing activities for returning disaster aid workers are also available.

To learn more, visit the Trauma Response Institute’s website at or contact TRI director Berardi at 503-554-6144.