Student Documents Juniors Abroad Trip to India

Cameron SmithIt was no surprise that cinema and media communication major Cameron Smith packed a video camera before embarking on a Juniors Abroad trip to India last summer. What may have caught the aspiring filmmaker off guard was the exceptional footage he was able to get as he and a group of 20 other George Fox students and professors experienced the country’s culture, religion and people.

The result of those experiences was a short documentary in which Smith captured the group as they visited an orphanage, provided medical care for residents of a remote village, marveled at the Taj Mahal and navigated jam-packed city streets, where something as simple as crossing the road can be a harrowing experience.

“You learn very quickly that you never know what to expect form this country,” noted Smith in the documentary. But one thing is certain: the experiences he and his group had will have a longlong impact.