George Fox brings attention to plight of those in North Korea

George Fox University's Center for Peace and Justice presents a free screening ...

LINK - The North Korean CrisisHiding: The Final Cut
Thursday, Nov. 17, 6:30-7:30 p.m.
Hoover Academic Building, Room 105

Join us as we bring attention to the plight of those in North Korea. We will host a group from the organization “LiNK” (Liberty in North Korea) for a screening of the documentary film Hiding.

Hiding tells the story of how, in the mid-1990s, more than 1 million people died in North Korea – and hardly anyone noticed. Millions starved, hundreds of thousands were imprisoned in concentration camps, and tens of thousands crossed borders seeking food, money, protection and even freedom that they never knew existed. North Korea was, and continues to be, a land with virtually no freedoms – of speech, assembly, religion or movement.

LiNK was organized out of a desire to spread awareness of the atrocities occurring in North Korea. The organization’s official line is “redefining the North Korea crisis through creative storytelling, while providing emergency relief to North Korean refugees and pursuing an end to the human rights crisis.”

For more information, contact Melanie Newell at 503-554-2686. To learn more about LiNK, visit the organization's website here.