Norman Bodek speaks at George Fox business seminar June 3

Norman Bodek will speak at a George Fox business seminar on June 3.A business professional who has conducted more than 50 study missions to Japan and published 100 Japanese management books will speak at a free George Fox University School of Business speaker series event on Friday, June 3, at the university’s Portland Center near Tigard.

Norman Bodek, chief executive officer of PCS Press, has worked for more than 20 years to bring the best of Japanese management theory to America. He will speak on the topic “Human Side of LEAN/The Harada Method” from 7:30 to 9:30 a.m. at the university’s Portland Center, located at 12753 S.W. 68th Ave., in Portland.

Bodek’s visit is being sponsored by the George Fox School of Business, which offers a part-time MBA program in Portland and in Boise, Idaho, a full-time MBA program at its main Newberg, Ore., campus, and a doctor of business administration degree. Also offered are undergraduate degrees in accounting, economics, finance, global business, entrepreneurship, marketing and management.

The public is invited to attend at no charge. Contact Darla Norgren at 503-554-6176 for more information.

Bodek will discuss the Harada Method and its focus on the employee. Questions raised by the method include, “What if we told the employee that we were interested in their personal progression?” and “What if we simply planted a foundation for personal growth, whether it is intellectual or physical growth, or a creative combination of the two?”

Discussion will center on the role of individuals in industry and, specifically, address three questions: “How do we humanize industry?,” “How we can create a more focused and better skilled employee?” and “How does employee respect and trust affect quality and outcomes?”

Bodek is credited with discovering and publishing the works of Dr. Shigeo Shingo and Taiichi Ohno, the inventors of the Toyota Production System. His knowledge has been gleaned from taking more than 70 trips to Japan and visiting 250 plants.

Believing that you must see the process in action, Bodek has conducted 50 study missions for inquisitive executives and published dozens of Japanese management books on subjects including kaizen blitz, hoshin kanri, poka-yoke and visual factory, which have been popular tools in the continuous-improvement movement.