George Fox forum addresses human rights from diverse faith perspectives

Circle of Peace SeminarWhat do Judaism, Christianity, Islam and Baha’ism teach us about human rights? A panel discussion event co-hosted by George Fox University and the Circle of Peace Seminar will address the question ...

Fourth Annual Circle of Peace Seminar
Monday, March 9, 7 p.m.
Cap and Gown Room

Admission is free.

Featured guests

The event will feature four individuals from four different faiths: Rabbi Joseph Wolf of Havurah Shalom; Paul Anderson, professor of biblical and Quaker studies at George Fox; Arif Humayun, a practicing Muslim, author and co-founder of the Circle of Peace; and Fridoon Rahimi, a retired pediatrician originally from Iran who practices the Baha’i faith. Sarita Gallaher, an assistant professor of religion at George Fox, will moderate the discussion.

Forum focus

The interfaith dialogue will focus on human rights and religion and what each of the faiths represented – Judaism, Christianity, Islam and Baha’ism – teach about human rights.

Guest bios

Rabbi Wolf came to Havurah Shalom in Portland in 1987 and has brought local and global social change issues to the forefront. He has been a supporter of conflict reduction in the Middle East, and has advocated for strategies to combat poverty.

Anderson has worked as a professor at George Fox since 1989. He has served in pastoral and youth ministries in six Friends churches, and his childhood involved living in Colombia, Ecuador and the Dominican Republic, where his father served in cultural affairs. A prolific author, his latest book, From Crisis to Christ, provides a contextual introduction to the New Testament.

Humayun is a practicing Muslim and extensive writer on topics like Shari’a, jihad, blasphemy and apostasy, and a specialist in comparative religion. He is dedicated to understanding what causes radicalization and in advancing human rights. His most recent book, Connivance by Silence, addresses the politically inspired interpretations of Islam that have crept into the Muslim discourse and inspired radicalization.

Rahimi is a retired pediatrician who practiced in Iran, where he was also recognized as the best example of medico-social achievement through empowering the local population to self-help. After the Islamic Revolution of 1979, due to persecution he and his family moved to Trinidad and Tobago where he practiced for another 24 years. He has served on local, national and international Baha’i institutions.

Circle of Peace

The Circle of Peace is a grassroots, worldwide initiative of individuals representing a diversity of beliefs. The organization provides a unifying platform for people of many faiths who aspire to a more peaceful world. Circle of Peacebrings together people across religious, ethnic, and cultural divides to strengthen the common bond of humanity.

For more information, contact Gallagher at 503-554-2656.