Food Meet 2010

Local farmers and community businesses gathered at George Fox University for Food Meet 2010Healthy, sustainable food was on display during Wednesday’s Food Meet 2010 in the Hoover Academic Center. Local farmers and community businesses shared how to find delicious, healthy food close to home, and attendees tasted everything from cupcakes and chocolate to fresh goat cheese – all of which was produced locally.

George Fox invests heavily in providing students with high-quality, healthy foods that are grown with creation care in mind.

Bon Appetit, the food service company at George Fox, places a large emphasis on sustainability, which in many ways boils down to a simple philosophy: buy local. Food in the United States typically travels 1,500 miles before reaching the dinner table. Last year alone, of the $1.1 million Bon Appetit spent on food and beverages to feed George Fox students, more than $300,000 went to farmers and ranchers within 100 miles of Newberg.

“We look at who we buy from, how it is grown and how far does it travel,” said Denny Lawrence, general manager of Bon Appetit. “Are we buying mangos that come from South America, or can we get fruit that’s grown 50 miles away? Sometimes it does cost a little more, but it’s good for the local economy. And it’s the right thing to do.”

Part of the evening was spent watching segments of the recent hit documentary Food, Inc., which takes a startling look at how today’s market demands have shaped our food growing and eating habits.

Farmers and ranchers have noticed that the university is investing in the local economy.

“They are now calling us and asking what we’d like them to grow,” Lawrence said. “We write our menus on a weekly basis all year round so we can tailor our menus to growing seasons.”

George Fox provides students with fresh, locally grown fruits, vegetables, meat and even honey.

Is buying local common for most universities? “Heavens, no,” Lawrence said. “It’s much easier to get on the computer and place one order and have someone ship you everything. We’ve made a philosophical decision that’s unique. We’re willing to take a lesser profit in order to buy more sustainably.”

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