International Perspective

Amalija LasloAmalija Laslo, a second-year George Fox University student from Serbia, says her decision to study international relations and peace studies is directly related to where she is from. “I come from a conflict region, and I’ve realized that this major ... helps me to learn about this communication and relation between different cultures.”

Lalso shared her educational and personal experiences with Voice of America, a multimedia international broadcasting service that each week reaches an estimated worldwide audience of 134 million. Below are excerpts from the interview:

On education at George Fox:
“Education here is not something abstract. It is very personal, very practical. Education at least here at George Fox is connected to textbooks and grades, but it is something we can apply not only in our work afterwards, but also in our lives. What I find very different from my country is the way professors invest in the students.”

On her professors:
“I’m highly surprised and I admire their readiness to help out students and invest their time and resources. The relationship professors have with their students ... It is so much more (of a) higher level than in my country.”

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