Quaker Heritage Week

Celebrating the Spiritual Disciplines
October 20-22, 2008

Special Events:

Monday, October 20

  • Chapel: "Celebrating the Spiritual Disciplines - Now and Then"
    Howard Macy
    10:40-11:30 in Bauman Auditorium

  • Pastors' and Students' Lunch: "Spiritual Disciplines and Inward Liberation"
  • Sarah Baldwin and Paul Anderson
    11:45-1:00 in Cap and Gown Room, Heacock Commons
  • Panel Discussion: "Engaging the Disciplines"
    MaryKate Morse (Solitude)
    Stan Thornburg (Service)
    Carole Spencer (Meditation)
    Corey Beals (Celebration)
    Paul Anderson (Moderator)
    7:30-8:50 pm in Calder Lecture Hall, Lemmons

Tuesday, October 21
  • Religious Department Intellectual Feast: "Exploring the Disciplines Personally"
  • Becca Roberts (Moderator)
    Joel Kelley (Dealing with Silence)
    Abbie McCracken (Devotional Journaling)
    Chase Willcuts (Devotional Bible Reading)
    4:00-5:00 pm in Hoover 250 (Refreshments provided)

Wednesday, October 22
  • Chapel: "Celebrating the Spiritual Disciplines - Then and Now"
  • Rebecca Ankeny
    10:40-11:30 am in Bauman Auditorium