Serve Day 2009

George Fox University’s Serve Day is as fresh and relevant as it was when it started in 1999. “Each year results in new lives touched, both in our surrounding community and on our campus,” Serve Day coordinator Rachel Lee said.

On Wednesday, Sept. 9, the university closed its doors to allow volunteers to sweep through Yamhill, Clackamas, Multnomah and Washington counties and perform practical acts of service. Teams of students and employees visited a ranch for orphans and widows, schools in need of maintenance work, and charities and churches that could use help with various projects. All told, groups visited 72 sites and 50 individual homes.

Some Serve Day recipients didn’t need yard or maintenance work done. “They just needed someone to talk to — to know someone cares,” senior Angie Leder said.

To close out the day, the campus community gathered for dinner and a celebration with a tropical theme — complete with a Slip ‘N Slide and mechanical surfboard.

In its 11 years, nearly 12,000 students and employees have volunteered in excess of 120,000 hours for Serve Day projects, and more than 200 organizations or churches have been assisted.

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To learn more about the history of Serve Day, visit the Serve Day website.