Tent City

Every year, George Fox University offers Juniors Abroad trips and pays the transportation costs for each student who signs up. The overseas trips are three weeks long and enrich the intercultural and international awareness of our campus community. Because of programs like Juniors Abroad, more than two-thirds of all George Fox students gain overseas experience.
Tent City is the annual event the night before signing up for the Juniors Abroad trip. In order to get the trip of their choice, students camp out to be first in line the next morning.
This year students will travel to Rwanda, Uganda, Ghana, Ireland, Scotland, New Zealand, Honduras, Costa Rica, Rome, Paris, Italy, Germany, China, Tibet, Egypt, Berlin, Amsterdam, Nicaragua and Papua New Guinea.
Click on the slide show and watch as students camp out, play games, eat tacos to support the May Serve fund-raiser and sign up for the trip of a lifetime.
Visit the Juniors Abroad site for more information.