2009 Walkabout

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Each year, all of George Fox University’s resident assistants and student government leaders – accompanied by a guide and an Area Coordinator – spend a week hiking and camping in the Three Sisters Wilderness near Bend, Ore. This year, more than 80 students were broken into teams of 9-12 people and sent into the wild.
On Aug. 17, the Red Team woke up at 4 a.m., packed their gear and set out to climb the South Sister, a 10,358-foot volcano and Oregon’s third-highest mountain. A little after 10 a.m., the whole team stood on the summit.
The students, many of whom had never climbed a mountain before, were left in awe of the view and the accomplishment.
“This trip changes your sense of scale,” Seth Terpstra said. “Our sense of what we can accomplish in a day was really changed.”
Jaynie Post, a junior and psychology major, said she was nervous when the hike started, but every step forward made her more and more excited. Soon, the anxiety was gone.
“Then it was just awe and wonder at things I’ve never seen,” she said.
The annual event, known as Walkabout, brings students together to learn principles of leadership and service they will need as resident advisors. Each student has the opportunity to emerge from this process with a stronger and more personalized sense of values and commitments, a greater awareness and celebration of their own strengths and the knowledge that their limitations need not keep them from succeeding.
To learn more about Walkabout, visit the event’s website.