Dallas Willard on campus

Dallas Willard - Ministry in Contemporary Culture

Dallas Willard, author and philosophy professor at University of Southern California, encouraged George Fox Evangelical Seminary students and guests to reclaim moral knowledge.

Addressing about 300 people at the seminary’s fall Ministry in Contemporary Culture Seminar, titled “Knowing Christ: The Hope of Moral Knowledge,” Willard explained how today’s culture asserts that knowledge must be scientific to be considered authoritative.

Unfortunately, the “removal of the knowledge of moral knowledge results in lives consumed by enslavement to desire,” Willard said. “That’s why a Christian education is so important. If we don’t have this knowledge, it’s all a shot in the dark.”

Jesus has the highest understanding of moral knowledge of anyone who’s walked the earth, he said. Jesus teaches that desire must be subordinated to love because love seeks what is good for what is loved.

The seminary’s next Ministry in Contemporary Culture Seminar, “An American Theology of the Land,” will address lessons Native American followers of Christ can share with the contemporary church. It is scheduled April 17.

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