Program Overview

Students admitted to the William Penn Honors Program read and discuss their way through nearly 140 of the most influential books, poems, letters and arguments in human history. It’s a tall task. And the sheer historical significance of the works included ensures that students discover the challenges and rewards of big ideas, hard work, and the heights of human thought and art. The curriculum provides students the opportunity to transform their education into the formative experience of a lifetime – at no added tuition cost.

The William Penn Honors Program: An Introduction

How we interact

Our community defines us. The William Penn Honors Program enjoys its own dedicated building at George Fox – an 1899 farmhouse in the heart of campus – where classes meet daily and many of the program’s professors have offices. We meet in small class groups – with fewer than 20 students – to facilitate lively interactive discussion, modeled on the Socratic method. Students exchange ideas with accomplished peers and receive instruction from a distinguished set of university faculty who earned doctorates at some of the most prestigious institutions in the world. Faculty members work on an individual basis with students, to help them develop their personal gifts into useful tools for the redemptive cause of Christ in a broken world. 

What it means for you

Honors Program students meet with their professor for class discussion

We are committed to developing your whole person. Faculty members work tirelessly for our students, just as our students work tirelessly in their studies. The program transforms your time at George Fox, expanding its intellectual and practical outcomes. We expose you to great works and cultural happenings. You discover new connections to professional horizons and opportunities. We help you set your feet upon the rock of faith and understanding as preparation for a life of leadership. You develop a keen sense for the historical arc of ideas, how those ideas inform our world, and how Christian identity calls us into critical engagement with society and culture. In the process of it all, you forge lasting friendships in a community of like-minded, well-rounded peers who you’ll join in loving, serving and leading the world in the name of Christ.

Our expectation of you

Our students strive for excellence. That’s why most admitted students come out of high school with a GPA of 3.7 or higher, an ACT Composite of 27 or higher, or an SAT (ERW+M) score of *1290 or higher. (Prior to March 2016, the SAT (CR+W+M) benchmark was 1800.) Your identity as an honors student will set you apart within the university – which is why we also ask our students to humbly demonstrate the virtuous qualities of mind and heart befitting this distinguished group. 

*CollegeBoard redesigned the SAT prior to March 2016 and the SAT scoring changed.  An SAT (ERW+M) score of 1290 after March 2016 is equivalent to an SAT (CR+W+M) score of 1800 before March 2016.  More information can be found here.