Health Care and Emergencies

Health and Counseling Services

Health Care International StudentsHealth and Counseling Services at George Fox University provides students with medical care and guidance about health concerns.  except in the case of a life-threatening emergency, always check with Health and Counseling Services (503-554-2340) for help with any illness or injury before you consult a doctor.  The medical staff will guides you to a better understanding of the American medical care system, help you make a plan to meet your medical needs, and help you get to ta doctor if needed.  Always contact Health and Counseling Services with any medical, dental, or health questions quickly.  There is no charge to use Health and Counseling services.  If you need help with English translation you may take someone with you to your appointment with Health and Counseling Services.  This will help both you and the medical staff to understand and do what is best for you.

What to do if You Get Sick


The State of Oregon Public Health Department requires all international students to provide documentation that they have received the measles/mumps/rubella (MMR) vaccination. Every George Fox University student must complete the MMR vaccination form. The form is available on your MyGFU page.

The form requires you to submit, in English, that you have had two MMR immunizations and the month, day, and year when you received them. These immunizations are required for you to attend classes. If you do not bring documentation showing that you had these immunizations, you may get them at the George Fox Health and Counseling Center for a fee.

Health Insurance