Placement in University Housing

Student Housing

All full-time undergraduate international students are required to live on campus for the first school year. In addition, unmarried full-time undergraduate students who are 20 years of age or younger as of the beginning of the semester, including international students, are required to live in university housing. Information about who may qualify to live off-campus is found on the George Fox University Housing website.

Housing is assigned to international students in the same manner as it is assigned to all other students. International students most often are placed in residence halls because there they have access to many English-speaking students. However, juniors and seniors who have attended George Fox University for at least one semester may apply to live in university apartments and houses during housing sign-ups in the spring.

On-campus housing is limited to undergraduate students. Graduate students beginning their studies on the George Fox University Newberg campus may contact the office of International Student Services (Alex Pia, apia@georgefox.edu or Tiona Cage, tcage@georgefox.edu) for help finding off-campus housing.


International StudentsDuring the first year at George Fox University, undergraduate international students will most likely have an American roommate. This helps international students become integrated into the life of the university more quickly and gives them an opportunity to use English often.

Students who are incompatible with their roommates may request a change starting in the third week of the semester. A student who wants to change rooms must find a new roommate.  Students must petition for a room change and wait for the approval of the director of housing before they are allowed to move.


Like all other students, international students are subject to fines for property damage and infractions of policy. For example, there are fines for changing rooms without authorization, for loss of keys, and for leaving school without checking out of the room.


The university provides limited summer storage for the belongings of students. Like other students from outside the Northwest, international students are given priority for storage of belongings during summer vacation. Information about summer storage is communicated to students through the George Fox Residence Life office. A student's belongings cannot be stored for more than one semester after the end of summer vacation.

Vacation Housing

Residence halls are closed during the Christmas holiday and spring break, but some rooms could be made available for international students desiring to live on campus during these holidays. Students must contact the International Student Services Office and be informed of what procedures apply to this housing request. All apartments and houses remain open and accessible to their residents during these breaks. Food service is not available during Christmas holiday, spring break or summer.

Student housing is not available until the first day of international student orientation for international students just beginning their studies at George Fox University. For returning students, all residence halls and suites close at noon on the day after the last day in the semester and typically reopen at 1 p.m. on the Sunday before the first day in the new semester. However, at the beginning of fall semester, on-campus housing is available for returning international students the Thursday prior to the first day of classes. Students need to make travel arrangements with these dates in mind. Students are responsible for their own housing if they arrive before campus housing is open or after it closes.

Summer housing is available only to students who are participating in the international student summer program, May term, or on-campus employment.