Public Transportation

Yamhill Country TransitThe Yamhill County Transit Area (YCTA) provides bus servce within the city of Newberg and connections to the Tri-Met bus service that serves the greater Portland area.  From Portland students may use Amtrak (train) or Portland International Airport for additional transportation needs.

Portland Tri-Met


Some international students choose to buy a car.  If you buy a care, you must:

  • Follow Oregon motor vehicle law.  The Oregon DMV is the best resource for Oregon driver's manuals.
  • Obtain a driver's license.
  • Insure your car before you drive it.
  • Register your car with the Division of Motor Vehicles.
  • Register your car with the George Fox Security Services office.  All vehicles brought to campus, whether owned by employees, students, or the university, must be registered with Security Services.  The Security Services web page has information about campus traffic and parking regulations.

Note:  You can have serious legal and financial problems if you drive a car without insurance.  Oregon law requires that you have liability insurance, which pays for any damages to the other drive and vehicle in case of an accident.  Do not drive without insurance, not even around the corner.  If you cause an accident, you will have to pay for any damages that your car causes, including medical expenses.  In some cases, this can be many thousands of dollars.  Even if the accident is not your fault, you will lose the right to drive in Oregon if you do not have insurance.  And even if there is no accident but a police officer finds that you have no insurance, your driver's license will automatically be suspended for one year.

The cost of liability insurance can vary depending upon your age, gender, driving record, car model, and where you received your license.  Be sure to check with several insurance companies to find your lowest individual rate.