Mission and Services

Mission Statement:

International Student Services serves as a resource for advising and assisting international students as well as facilitating the interaction of diverse cultures in the George Fox University community.

Services We Provide:

  • Inform international students of U. S. immigration regulations that apply to situations such as maintaining student status, extension of program, transfer of schools, permission for employment, visits abroad during breaks and reentry, change of status, and departure or termination of student status.
  • Plan an orientation program to prepare international students for life in America and studies at George Fox University.
  • Organize opportunities for spiritual growth for international students (facilitating understanding of chapel, Bible studies in Japanese, Chinese, and Korean languages.
  • Assist in coordinating Cultural Celebration Week activities each fall semester.
  • Establish Fox Friendship Family relationships for all incoming international students.
  • Arrange home stay contacts for internationals with no place to go during vacation periods.
  • Provide personal counseling on issues ranging from culture shock to roommate difficulties to bad news from home.
  • Serve as intermediary with faculty, staff, administration, and community on issues such as communication, disciplinary matters, and academic progress.
  • Organize international student activities.
  • Serve as advisor to the International Student Club.
  • Advise students on selecting a major and assist students in planning their academic progress towards their degree.
  • Annually publish the International Student Handbook.