Fall 2016

Medina Tuohuti


From: Sinkiang, China
Nationality: Uighur
Language: Uyghur, Chinese, English
Major: Journalism

Desire to Speak Truth

Maidina has experienced first-hand the power of the media. Maidina has witnessed how the discrimination in her hometown has not been fully conveyed in news coverage. She wants to be a journalist in order to help make truth more accessible to the public.  

Why George Fox?

Maidina was seeking a change, a new environment. Thankfully, the university she was attending in China has a cooperative program with George Fox.

Become More Confident Through Internship

Maidina is an intern for International Students Voice magazine. Through this experience, she has improved her writing and become more confident in her skills. It is a great accomplishment to see her own articles published in the magazine!

Duty to Protect Minority Culture

As a member of minority group in China, Maidina feels a call to protect the culture and heritages in her nation. She is saddened that many heritages are disappearing. She wants to create an organization to protect her Uyghur culture when she returns to China.

Dream to be a Dancing Teacher

Maidina has a passion for dancing! One of her dreams would be to teach children Uigurian dance so that this tradition will be passed down to the next generation.