Spring 2017

Jacques St. Gelus

Jacques St. Gelus

From: Haiti
Language: Creole, French, English
Major: Nursing
Year: junior

Relationship with God

Jacques was born in a Christian family. His father is a pastor. He believes God has the best plan for us. He said, “When the right time comes, God will get the things done.”

Why George Fox?

Jacques goes to church every week. A friend in church recommended George Fox to him.


Before coming to George Fox, Jacques studied in a community college in Portland. He was looked down upon by some people because of his accent there. “But in George Fox, no one looks down upon me,” Jacques said. Jacques loves George Fox and is thankful to be here.

Praying Professors

Jacques especially likes his professors in George Fox. He is really surprised and thankful that professors here even pray for students in class, which hardly happens in other universities.

Passion for Helping

He chose nursing as his major because he has a big passion for helping people. He helped to translate in a military when he was in Haiti. He also helped with rescue and saved many people’s lives in the earthquake in Haiti in 2011.

Outside the Classroom

Jacques loves soccer and dancing. He is a member of a student soccer team and participates in one of the dancing clubs at George Fox.