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Alumni Connections


Robert Felton (G92) and Kim Claassen, July 8, 2005, Newberg.

Heidi Longstroth (G92) and Lee Belt, Sept. 4, 2005, Greenleaf, Idaho.

Jody Dingfield (n99) and Robert Sears, May 21, 2005, Creswell, Ore.

Daron Hernandez (G99) and Alaina Nimmo, June 25, 2005, Corvallis, Ore.

Valerie Cole (G00) and Aaron Pontius, Dec. 18, 2004, Eugene, Ore.

Birni Meyer (G00) and Joseph McCullaugh, June 11, 2005, Sellwood, Ore.

Carrie Sutton (G00) and Alex Cummings, March 18, 2005, Topeka, Kan.

Jeff Swanborough (n00) and Tracy Colton, June 4, 2005, Dallas, Ore.

Ilse Friberg (G01) and Abaz Kryemadhi, June 18, 2005, Prosser, Wash.

Melinda Mann (SPS01) and Jeremy Young, Sept. 4, 2004, Portland.

Cheryl Tucker (G01) and Kevin Verver, April 30, 2005, Portland.

Colleen Forbes (G02) and Erik Wachob, Dec. 19, 2004, Jackson, Wyo.

Angela Fritsch (G02) and Hyuk-soo Kwon, June 4, 2005, Yachats, Ore.

Sean McGeeney (G02, MAT05) and Jenelle Wilson, May 13, 2005, Hillsboro, Ore.

Sandra Scott Norberg (MAT01) and Richard K. Johnsen, July 30, 2005, Brookings, Ore.

Amy Dufour (G03, MAT04) and Jonathan Hall (G03) July 15, 2005, Dayton, Ore.

Emily Martinez (G03) and Evan Brent-Fulps, July 21, 2005, Portland.

Jesse Dillow (G04) and Elizabeth Ankeny (student), July 1, 2005, Newberg.

Kalina Campbell (G04) and Travis Morgan (G04), June 25, 2005, Tigard, Ore.

Seann Hammon (G04) and Lindsey Weishan (student), Sept. 4, 2004, Portland.

Catherine Hinchcliff (G04) and Aaron Hockett, April 15, 2005, Beaverton, Ore.

Emily Condie (G04) and Brad Christensen (G05, MAT student), June 4, 2005, Newberg.

Ryan Littrell (G05) and Caitlyn Wehr (student), July 23, 2005, Klamath Falls, Ore.


Randy Comfort (SPS85) and Annie Comfort, a boy, Cyrus Walter, March 25, 2005, Jackson, Mich.

Howard Bell (G87) and Kim Bell, a boy, Gary Bryan, April 17, 2005, Tualatin, Ore.

Andrea (Dorr) Maurer (G90) and Jonathan Maurer (G92), a boy, Jason Scott, Feb. 6, 2005, Greenwood, Ind.

Paul Huizinga (G91) and Maureen Huizinga, a boy, Iain Paul, April 4, 2005, Glen Allen, Va.

Robbin (Armstrong) Poetzl (G93) and Jim Poetzl, a girl, Kassidy Christine, April 17, 2005, Springfield, Ore.

Steve Gard (G93) and Anne Gard, a boy, Cooper, May 4, 2005, Ventura, Calif.

Traci (Blair) Jagels (G94) and Todd Jagels, a girl, Madisan Joy, Dec. 25, 2004, Anchorage, Alaska.

Amye (Jansen) Brunelle (G95) and Dan Brunelle, a girl, Cassidy Jansen, Feb. 2, 2005, Portland.

Scott Diefenbaugh (G95) and Megan (Brownlee) Diefenbaugh (G00), a boy, Brennan Paul, April 30, 2005, Newberg.

Anne (Basden) Dunlop (G95) and Chris Dunlop, a boy, Isaac Stewart, Feb. 20, 2005, Houston, Texas, adopted Feb. 22, 2005, Troutdale, Ore.

Jeanette (Prenevost) Jacobson (G95) and Duane Jacobson, a girl, Sydni Klaire, April 26, 2005, Eugene, Ore.

Eva (Crawford) Johnson (G95), and Wayne Johnson (G97), a boy, Brandon Myrl, Oct. 15, 2004, Bend, Ore.

Chad Madron (G95) and Tonia (Werner) Madron (G97), a boy, Timothy Werner, Nov. 9, 2004, Glendale, Calif.

Jon Newswanger (G95) and Shawn Newswanger, a girl, Kathryn Mackinsey, Jan. 5, 2005, Salem, Ore.

Ryan Weller (G95) and Paulette Mixon-Weller, a girl, Chloe Rose, March 27, 2005, Portland.

Dan Bale (G96) and Holly (Miller) Bale (G97), a boy, Timothy Walter, March 5, 2005, Portland.

Brett DeYoung (G96) and Margo (Folk) DeYoung (G99), a girl, Norah Annastina, May 31, 2005, Springfield, Ore.

Matt Helmboldt (G96) and Kristin Helmboldt, a girl, Hailey M., Jan. 20, 2005, Boise, Idaho.

Julie (Swanborough) King (G96) and William King, a girl, Sydney Jean Noel, Jan. 27, 2005, McMinnville, Ore.

Nathan Laninga (G97) and Melissa (Thomas) Laninga (G97), a girl, Grace Eowyn, Nov. 7, 2004, Silverton, Ore.

Jennifer (Mardock) Lusk (G97) and Matt Lusk (G01), a boy, Daniel Nikita, May 11, 2002, Kemerovo, Russia, adopted March 14, 2005, Porterville, Calif.

Krista (Lawless) Sellars (n97) and Kevin Sellars, a girl, Ashlyn Grace, Nov. 26, 2004, Newberg.

Elissa (Anderegg) Vanlandingham (G97), and Robert Vanlandingham (n99), a girl, Elliana Grace, Nov. 18, 2004, Corvallis, Ore.

Cari (Hogan) Arias (G98) and Aneudy Arias, a boy, Ian Elias, Feb. 11, 2005, Portland.

Shana (Hitt) Criscola (G98) and Anthony Criscola, a boy, Ryder Jay, June 15, 2005, Ketchikan, Alaska.

Dan Foster (G98, MBA04) and Sarah (Austin) Foster (G98), a boy, Jackson Thomas, Feb. 5, 2005, Newberg.

Erin (Johnson) Fast (G99) and Ryan Fast (G99), a boy, Micah Elliott, June 16, 2005, Fresno, Calif.

Jane (Seale) Gramenz (G99, MAT01), and Paul Gramenz (G02), a boy, Elijah Phillip, May 22, 2005, Lone Tree, Colo.

Jenae (Miller) Huck (G99), and Matthew Huck (G99), a boy, Noah Matthew, June 4, 2005, Portland.

Ryan Alvis (G00) and Noelle Alvis (G01), a boy, Braden Luke, June 8, 2005, Renton, Wash.

Beth (Randall) Armstrong (G00) and Travis Armstrong, a girl, Katiree Jae, June 3, 2005, Portland.

Michael Dahl (G00, MAT02) and Carrie (Johnson) Dahl (G01), a girl, Grace Hannah, Feb. 24, 2005, Portland.

Anna (Wendel) Droullard (G00) and Josh Droullard (G01), a boy, Caleb Benjamin, Jan. 21, 2005, Tampa, Florida.

Anne-Renee (Stewart) Gumley (G00) and Andrew Gumley (G02), a boy, Jamison Joseph, July 1, 2005, Anchorage, Alaska.

Katy (Wonders) Presnell (G00) and Mike Presnell (G00), twin boys, Joseph Christopher and Jerome Dominic, March 24, 2005, Portland.

Jonathan Rickey (G00) and Angela (Cornelius) Rickey (G01), a boy, Jacob Barton, April 11, 2005, Phoenix, Ariz.

D. Catherine (Shannon) Chavez (G02) and Lorenzo Chavez, a boy, Benjamin Tyler, March 18, 2005, Tacoma, Wash.

Brenda (Andersen) Edmunds (G02) and Garrett Edmunds, a girl, Naomi Isabel, March 19, 2005, Clackamas, Ore.

Sarah (Huls) Nielsen (G02) and Jeremy Nielsen, a boy, Aric Christoffer, Sept. 17, 2004, Tualatin, Ore.

Kristine Hayes (G03) and Matt Hayes (MBA student), a girl, Olivia Erin, July 29, 2004, Portland.

Ryan McWayne (MAT03) and Leslie McWayne, a girl, Kiara Morgan, June 12, 2005, Lebanon, Ore.

Michael Cox (SPS04) and Brenda Cox, a boy, Ashton Michael, March 22, 2004, Boise, Idaho.

Abigail (Kearns) Duran (G05) and Daniel Duran (G05), a boy, Joshua David, April 30, 2005, McMinnville, Ore.

Andrew Lundgren (ME05) and Jennifer Lundgren, a boy, Keegan Patrick, May 31, 2005, Tualatin, Ore.


Olive (Kendall) Hester (G35), May 21, 2005, Newberg.

Helen (Wehrley) Jackson (G35), April 27, 2005, Rio Linda, Calif.

Jean (Gardner) Coffin (G37), April 24, 2005, Stanton, Calif.

L. Merle Green (n37), June 11, 2005, Newberg.

Alan Abner (n39), Dec. 11, 2004, Reno, Nev.

Lyle Barkman (G39), May 25, 2005, Sandy, Ore.

Burl W. Kirkpatrick (n45), May 14, 2005, Boise, Idaho.

Donald Bowers, Sr. (G55), March 17, 2005, Portland.

James Field (GFES59), May 28, 2005, Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Evon (Aebischer) Douglas (G62), March 23, 2005, Portland.

Joseph Cammack (n73), April 1, 2005, Salem, Ore.

Tricia (Hinshaw) Foley (n75), July 22, 2005, Oregon City, Ore.

Deborah Summers (n77), May 23, 2005, Eugene, Ore.

Shannon (Hyde) Nilsen (G92), June 13, 2005, Brea, Calif.

Joyce Teufel (SPS94), April 27, 2005, Beaverton, Ore.

Jill Layton (MEd00), March 25, 2005, Medford, Ore.

Nathan Galata (MBA04) Aug. 7, 2005, Elkton, Ore.