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Kiss and don’t tell

the Mystery photo from last Journal

The mystery photo in the spring issue of George Fox Journal is still a mystery - even to the photographer. We asked readers to tell us more about the sentimental occasion where a female student is greeting a male student with a welcoming or departing kiss while he is in the back of a truck. Three male students are part of the group. A paper or canvas sign displayed above the back of the truck indicates it was a special event. It says "Pacific College," but the rest of the words are not legible.

The photo was taken in front of Wood-Mar Hall by Lewis Hoskins. Now 89 and a resident of Dallas, Ore., the 1979 Alumnus of the Year, wrote: "While a student, I took many photos for the L'Ami and The Crescent. I added a few while teaching later." But he says "I do not remember nor have a record that would identify this shot," adding, "Sorry and good luck on your search."

Knowledge that Hoskins graduated in 1938 narrowed down the possible years for the photo to 1934-38. The Journal wrote to the 24 still-living members of the four classes in that span for which the university has an address. "Loved the picture," responded Esther Miller Geddes McVey, a member of the Class of 1937 now living in Eugene, Ore. She suggested some possible names for two in the picture, but, like the Journal, was not sure about the accuracy. She added "I'll keep checking and let you know if I come up with anything more." No one else took a guess.

So, the event remains unknown and a gift from the University Store remains available for anyone able to identify the occasion and the students.

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What’s this all about? Hint: Despite appearances, it’s not the university’s original counseling services. Please share your thoughts. We’ll enter all responses in a drawing for a gift from the University Store. Submit your entries to or mail them to: Journal, George Fox University, 414 N. Meridian St. #6069, Newberg, OR 97132.


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