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Alumni Connections

Just Married

Matt Barker (G97) and April Pekarek (G02), Oct.
29, 2005, in Newberg.

Amy Varin (G97) and Todd Hoppock, May 20,
2006, in Ketchum, Idaho.

Stacey Parker (G98) and Derrick Bailey, April 8,
2006, in Phoenix, Ariz.

Lois Lee (G99) and Paul Hughes, April 15, 2006,
in Llanrug, North Wales, United Kingdom.

Pamela Longman (G00, MAT01) and Kacy Clark,
June 24, 2006, in Longview, Wash.

Marisa Munoz (G00) and Samuel Landero, Sept.
2, 2006, in Houston, Texas.

Angela Burns (G01) and Jeremy Stevenson, June
20, 2006, in Lincoln City, Ore.

Lori Miller (G01) and Jonathan Nussbaum, Dec.
30, 2005, in Salem, Ore.

Amanda Corrigan (G02) and Todd Kimball (G03),
Oct 2, 2005, in Pleasant Hill, Ore.

Jason Harper (G02) and Amy Lydy, July 29, 2006,
in Seattle.

Heather Lilley (G02) and Nicholas Smith, June
10, 2006, in Sheridan, Wyo.

Kirsten Norgaard (G02) and Tevin Taylor (G03),
Dec. 17, 2005, in The Dalles, Ore.

Abbey Puckett (G02) and David St. Clair, Dec. 18,
2005, in Bremerton, Wash.

Sarah Jones (G03) and Beau Rudzek, Aug. 4,
2006, in West Linn, Ore.

Kristen Dorschler (G04) and Cory Bailey, June
24, 2006, in Portland.

Alison Givens (G04) and Kyle Warner, Aug. 27,
2005, in Wilsonville, Ore.

Janelle Goeres (G04) and Benjamin Ralph, April
22, 2006, in Medford, Ore.

Stephen Keck (G04) and Vanessa Thurston (G04),
March 19, 2006, in Anchorage, Alaska.

Christy Miller (G04) and Tobin Rummel (G04),
July 22, 2006, in Trout Lake, Wash.

Rachel Sparks (G04) and Owen Bradley, June 10,
2006, in Longview, Wash.

Melissa Stuewe (G04) and Nathan Forbes, June
24, 2006, in Philomath, Ore.

Jessica Wilson (G04) and Erik Dunham, July 8,
2006, in Portland.

Mandi Zollman (G04) and Brian Cannon, June 17,
2006, in Joseph, Ore.

Elise Macy (G05) and Scott Szalay (G06), June 4,
2006, in Portland.

John Macy (G05) and Catherine Hill (G06), May
20, 2006, in Bozeman, Mont.

Tyler Wallace (G05, MAT06) and Nicole
Brocatto, May 27, 2006, in Gresham, Ore.

Amy Burnett (G06) and Matthew Vetor, June 3,
2006, in Portland.

Bryce Clark (G06) and Megan Weber (G06), Aug.
25, 2006, in Camas, Wash.

Dane Coppini (G06) and Jess Jones (G06) , May 1,
2006, in Portland.

Ann Dorn (G06) and David Seregow (G06), June
10, 2006, in Puyallup, Wash.

Danae Dougherty (G06) and John Moore (G06),
May 20, 2006, in Springfield, Ore.

Jonathan Grover (G06) and Dana Smith (G06),
July 22, 2006, in Sherwood, Ore.

Emily Myers (G06) and Michael Sherman, July 1,
2006, in Helena, Mont.

Laurie Osterud (G06) and Tom DeBoard, May 21,
2006, in Portland..

Baby Bruins

Chad Moore (G91) and Kristi Moore, a boy, Matthew John, June 16, 2006, in Round Rock, Texas.

Joshua Nauman (G91) and Lisa (Bouder) Nauman (G91), a boy, Nathaniel Paul, Aug. 6, 2005, in Newberg.

Ginean (Lewis) McIntosh (G92) and Mark McIntosh, a girl, Jasmine Marie, July 12, 2006, in Tigard, Ore.

Jason Koop (G93, MAT02) and Trudy (Kitt) Koop (n93), a boy, Jackson Levi, June 28, 2006, in Carson City, Nev.

Karla (Montiel) Delgado (G94) and Steve Delgado, a girl, Elizabeth Grace, Aug. 19, 2005, in Coos Bay, Ore.

Chad Campbell (G95) and Janet (Killary) Campbell (G95), a girl, Addison Eileen, Feb. 10, 2006, in Salem, Ore.

Jason Carpenter (G95) and Jennifer (Dawson) Carpenter (G95), a girl, Madison Laura, March 15, 2006, in Parkersburg, W. Va.

Bryan Clark (G95) and Kelli (Barlow) Clark (G00), a girl, Brianna Maelyn, Jan. 13, 2006, in Albany, Ore.

Marchand (DeChenne) Lewis (G95) and Greg Lewis (MAT98), a girl, Susanna Faye, March 7, 2006, in Grants Pass, Ore.

Ben Ashley (G96, MAT02) and Jill (Wiesenthal) Ashley (MA02), a boy, Samuel Benjamin, March 29, 2006, in Silverton, Ore.

Lisa (Hein) Creekmore (G96) and Larry Creekmore, a girl, Aubry Jordan, Feb. 17, 2006, in Port Orchard, Wash.

Holly (Rice) Dunn (G96) and Steven Dunn (G96) a boy, Michael Andrew Boone, Dec. 9, 2005, in Fairbanks, Alaska.

Phillip Nelson (G96) and Tracy Nelson, a boy, Christian Phillip, Aug. 19, 2006, in Tigard, Ore.

Jennifer Taylor-Greene (n96) and Douglas Green, a boy, David James, April 24, 2006, in Portland.

Stephanie (Sanders) Adams (G97) and Thomas Adams, a girl, Ellianna Grace, May 6, 2006, in
Littleton, Colo.

Jill (Schiewe) Arzie (G97) and Michael Arzie (n97), a boy, Owen Levi, April 1, 2006, in Tualatin, Ore.

Dirk Bellamy (G97) and Valerie (Vanlandingham) Bellamy (G97), a boy, Luke Livingston, Aug. 31, 2005, in Salem, Ore.

Jennifer (Low) Edwards (G97) and John Edwards, a girl, Emily Elizabeth, April 14, 2006, in Clackamas, Ore.

Christina (Stenstadvold) Johnson (G97) and Steven Johnson, a boy, Devin Michael, June 14, 2006, in Springfield, Ore.

Laura (Johnson) Joubert (G97, MAT98) and Michael Joubert, a boy, Nolan Michael, April 11, 2006, in Portland.

Liberty (Amrein) Lacy (G97, MAT01) and Matt Lacy (G98), a girl, Charlotte Anne, July 10, 2006, in Vancouver, Wash.

Jennifer (Hawkins) Maurer (G97, MAT98) and Bernard Maurer, a girl, Elenore Louise, Oct. 14, 2005, in Raleigh, N.C.

Darci (Parmley) Wilson (G97, MEd02) and Brady Wilson, a girl, Ireland Skye, March 14, 2006, in Portland.

Katie (Crisman) Gates (G98) and Nathan Gates (G00), a girl, Karys Noelle, Jan. 13, 2006, in Tigard, Ore.

Joshua Howery (G98) and Sherilyn (Gerig) Howery (G00), a boy, Joshua Gideon, June 18, 2006, in Newberg.

Shannon (Killeen) Lilienthal (G98) and Chris Lilienthal, a boy, Aiden Patrick, June 1, 2006, in Harrisburg, Penn.

Jessica (Wilson) Smith (G98) and Phil Smith (G98), a boy, Oliver Evan, Feb. 13, 2006, in Portland.

Coby (Van der Meer) Knifong (G99) and Preston Knifong, a girl, Lucy Mae, May 23, 2006, in Portland.

Brennan Koch (G99, MAT00) and Jolene (Hurlbert) Koch (G99), a boy, Carson Daniel, Oct. 23, 2005, in Missoula, Mont.

Nathan Kuske (G99) and Jennifer (Freeman) Kuske (G01), a girl, Halle Dawn, May 11, 2006, in Silverdale, Wash.

Erin (Parmley) Banks (G00) and Nathan Banks, a girl, Finley Quinn, June 13, 2006, in Puyallup, Wash.

Heidi (Johnson) Boos (G00, MEd05) and Ryan F. Boos (G02), a girl, Mikayla Lynne, April 22, 2006, in Newberg.

Christopher Carbonell (G00) and Chelsea (Dauber) Carbonell (G02), a boy, Caleb Bennet, May 24, 2006, in Vancouver, Wash.

Adam Collins (G00) and Lisa (Bauman) Collins (G00), a girl, Avery Jane, Nov. 5, 2005, in Beaverton, Ore.

Bryan Edwards (G00) and Tracy Edwards, a girl, Jane Allison, Aug. 29, 2005, in Portland.

Jim Marr (G00) and Stephanie (Taylor) Marr (G00), a boy, Henry James, July 20, 2006, in Hillsboro, Ore.

Joseph Notter (G00) and Kristine Notter, a girl, Sydnie Diane, Aug. 14, 2006, in Littleton, Colo.

Kelly (Boeve) Russell (G00, MA04) and Justin Russell, a girl, Peyton Bailey, April 6, 2006, in Portland.

Jocelyn (Kennedy) Wallbaum (G00) and Nathan Wallbaum, a boy, Noah Zachary, April 17, 2006, in Gresham, Ore.

Andrew Coleman (G01) and Marisa (Merritt) Coleman (G01), a girl, Sydney Reese, Sept. 14, 2006, in Portland.

Rachel (DeYoung) Davidson (G01, MAT02) and Zachary Davidson (G02, MAT03), a girl, Esther Inez, Aug. 8, 2006, in Clackamas, Ore.

Megan (Luginbill) Fisher (G01) and Troy Fisher, a girl, Ainsley Elizabeth, June 12, 2006, in LaGrande, Ore.

Catherine (Shannon) Chavez (G02) and Lorenzo Chavez Jr., a boy, Lorenzo J. Chavez III, May 5, 2006, in Tacoma, Wash.

Jared Coe (G02) and Andrea (Robinson) Coe (G04), a boy, Keenan Michael, June 30, 2006, in Burien, Wash.

Matt Cummings (G02) and Nicole Cummings, a boy, Nolan Dean, Feb. 3, 2006, in Newberg.

Carly (Page) Greenland (G02) and Nate Greenland (G02), a boy, Ethan Elisha, Dec. 12, 2005, in Everett, Wash.

Heather (Frazier) Petersen (G02) and Matthew Petersen (G02), a girl, Hannah Elizabeth, May 16, 2006, in Boise, Idaho.

John Coburn (G03) and Melissa (Leichty) Coburn (G03), a boy, Preston Elijah, Jan. 1, 2006, in Beaverton, Ore.

Rose (Ofstie) Crisostomo (G03) and Manuel Crisostomo, a boy, Zavier Veracruz, Aug. 24, 2005, in Corvallis, Ore.

Ryan Keeler (G03) and Rachel (Moskowitz) Keeler (G04), a boy, Andrew LeRoy, Aug. 10, 2006, in Coos Bay, Ore.

Benjamin McGarry (G03) and Chelsea (Philips) McGarry (G04), a boy, Ian Thomas, Sept. 11, 2006, in Bend, Ore.

Lindsey O’Reiley (G04, MAT06) and John-Michael O’Reiley, a boy, James Michael, June 22, 2006, in Newberg.

Brianna Robbins (G04), a boy, Javon Gabriel, born Sept. 4, 2004, adopted June 5, 2006, in
Eugene, Ore.

Herminia Pina (SPS05) and Isidro Pina, a girl, Alejandra Isabella, Dec. 14, 2005, in Nampa,

Kathryn (Russo) Tussing (G05) and Steve Tussing (G06), a girl, Vasilia Josephine, April 21, 2006, in Portland.

Suzie Covert (MA06) and Jim Covert, a boy, Micky Alexander, April 18, 2006, in Salem, Ore.

In Memory

Roger Hart (n25), Apr. 30, 2006, in Salem, Ore.

Lera (Rice) Toft (G36), Aug. 9, 2006, in Caldwell, Idaho.

James Mortenson (n44), July 27, 2006, in Hood River, Ore.

Richard Taylor (G44), June 21, 2006, in Covina, Calif.

Chester Bumbarger (n46), May 31, 2006, in Salem, Ore.

Lloyd Lyda (G51), May 24, 2006, in Scottsdale, Ariz.

Paul Doble (n59), May 18, 2006, in Florence, Ore.

Kelly Keith (MDiv05), June 9, 2006, in Stayton, Ore.


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