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>> I related to much of Burel Ford’s article "How can healing take place?". I am a Lakota woman from the Rosebud Reservation in South Dakota.

The hurt of prejudice runs deep and goes back many generations. The pain needs God’s healing touch; however, healing cannot begin until individuals of Anglo descent take ownership of the pain caused. I long to hear the words "I'm sorry" from an Anglo-Christian who finally understands. Not that they are directly responsible, but that they acknowledge the pain caused by historical prejudices.

In turn, those of us who have suffered because of the sin of prejudice need to let go of our sin of unforgiveness. We must reach out in the love of God. Both sides have a role to fulfill according to God’s plan for each of us.

Patty Bordeaux-Nelson (G80)
Madison, South Dakota

>> I appreciated Burel Ford’s article, and was so sorry to hear about his friend’s violent death. Sometimes I’m not sure what's worse: overt racism of the kind that killed his friend, or the "killing me softly" kind of racism so often found in Christian (and other) communities, where well-intentioned white folk think they are doing someone a favor or that they've dealt with all their "stuff" — or worse, that they have no racism to deal with!

Sometimes we require real stories of real pain happening to real people in our real world before we will believe that the pain exists.

Laura Simmons, PhD, Assistant
Professor of Christian Ministries,
George Fox Evangelical Seminary
Portland, Oregon

All about Hubbell

Many readers correctly identified Barry Hubbell in the "Tell us more" section (Summer 2006) — and then shared memories.

>> There are not too many places where I have made friends with so many positive and sincere individuals as at George Fox, and without question Barry Hubbell would be near the No. 1 spot on the list.

Sammy Ibarra (G88, MA94)
Bruin basketball player 1970–73
Wilsonville, Oregon

>> Although my husband and I attended Fox in the seventies, it is not difficult to identify this man today. He hasn’t changed a bit! Even back then we joked about him being "ageless." Our memories are of Barry Hubbell flitting around with a mammoth set of bags and lenses hanging over one shoulder, hefting a camera the size of his entire torso, flashing these gigantic flashbulbs at our faces from all odd angles. It is fitting that this debonair gentleman became the &quotmaster of ceremonies" at Fox. He has added a silent sense of class to the place for a long, long time!

Werner and Debbie (Dominy) Seibert (G79)
Oregon City, Oregon

>> Any alumnus of a certain age will instantly recognize Barry Hubbell, otherwise affectionately known as "Harry Bubbell" or "Barely Humble."

Calvin L.Russell (G83)
Battle Ground, Washington

>> My junior year, in the ambitiousness, idealism, and ignorance of my youth I had a certain "combative" attitude towards the administration (and the world, to some extent). Barry met me for coffee and shared with me about his career and life, and was very honest. It meant a lot to me — especially as I was trying to figure out my path in life. In retrospect, the openness to make contact above and beyond the call of duty seemed indicative of many people from the George Fox community.

Andrew Miller (n98)
Beaverton, Oregon

>> I don’t think people realize how much Barry contributed to the school throughout his years. He is a modest man, not wanting to take the limelight for all his contributions, but he did a lot for the school.

Chrystal (Schmeltzer) Frazier (G88)
Oregon City, Oregon

>> I wouldn’t have guessed that Barry would ever retire. Talk about iconic images.

Stephanie (Cox) Thomas (G83)
Fillmore, California

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