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Barry Hubbell's Top-10 Career Highlights

At the request of the George Fox Journal staff, Barry Hubbell compiled a top 10 list of his contributions during his 37 years at the university. He explains his selections: “This is not a top 10 list of what is or was important to the university overall, but is a list of how I perceive I was involved. It is made without consultation with others – who may disagree mildly or strongly. In very few cases was anything ever accomplished without the help and involvement of many others.”
  1. Presidential transition
    Continuity of Office of President in working with Board of Trustees during illness then death of Ed Stevens, acting president and selection of new president
  2. Merger with Western Evangelical Seminary
    Research, fact-finding, development of Q &A document, staffing of formal and background (private) meetings, campus and off-campus info process.
  3. Name change to university
    Research/fact-finding on value, development of list of what to be change (from bylaws to trash cans, from gym floor to corporation papers, from business cards to highway signs), preparation of budget, implementation of changes and PR coordination with ceremony
  4. Campus appearance
    Dreams, planning and implementation of centerpiece Centennial Tower, quad light fixtures and hanging baskets - all made possible by funding from Esther Klages. Founding Aesthetics Committee that developed campus signage system, color schemes, etc.
  5. Enrollment growth
    Helping shape George Fox public image and serving as University “voice” during years of most rapid growth, developing public information (news) program, developing sports information program, editing Life and other publications, work with U.S. News
  6. Athletics changes
    To help with positioning of university, pushing for and assisting with changes to drop the NCCAA, and shift from NAIA to NCAA affiliation. (After assisting Ed Stevens in three years of heavy involvement with NAIA, one year as national chair.)
  7. High-profile/major events
    Responsibility for Centennial Celebration, two inaugurations, all building and facility groundbreakings and dedications, President’s Council dinners, Christmas Event, special guests, etc.
  8. College logo
    Development of first official logo and implementation of use for 30 years.
  9. Student Union Building
    Two events - coordination of response to Student Union fire in 1990: Feeding 600 students three meals a day when dining commons is closed, working with local and state fire authorities, developing clean-up plans, relocating services, handling media coverage.
    Chairing committee to expand/ renovate Student Union/Heacock Commons to current use.
  10. Master calendar
    Development and coordination of University Master Calendar from none to internal working document, to printed and published, to on-line Web calendar.


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