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During the 1980s and 1990s, the university’s annual Madrigal Dinner provided medieval merriment by the bushel. Also known as Ye Olde Royal Feaste, the dinner music theater performances were directed by music professor John Bowman, who retired this summer after 27 years at George Fox.

Jennifer (Brownlee) Sinclair (’91) wrote to identify the royal couple in the summer 2007 issue’s “Tell Us More” photo as Brad Clark (’90) and Shelley Hawkins (’90), now a married couple. “It’s been more than 15 years for me, but when I saw them on your back cover, I knew them in a heartbeat,” she wrote. “A concert choir member for four years, I savored the Christmas-time approach of the Madrigal Dinner more than anything. It was a rare chance to engage with an audience at close range, whether dressed as a beggar in rags trying to steal chicken bones, or as royalty avoiding said beggars with the utmost disdain. And, all the time, singing our hearts out. Thank you so much for the memories this recalled. They are fond ones. And God bless you, Doc. You’ll never, ever be forgotten.”

Congratulations to Gregg Koskela (’90) – college roommate of Brad Clark – whose response was selected at random to receive a $50 gift certificate to the George Fox University Store.


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This one is for all alumni and friends from 1891 to 2007. Can you tell us what object deep in this pile drove these students to such apparent madness? Even better, can you share your own stories of “brawls,” “flashes,” and similar mascot mischief? All responses will be entered in a drawing for a $50 gift certificate from the University Store. Submit entries to or mail them to Journal, George Fox University, 414 N. Meridian St. #6069, Newberg, OR 97132.

Submit entries to or mail them to Journal, George Fox University, 414 N. Meridian St. #6069, Newberg, OR 97132


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