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>> I want to encourage those of you who work so hard on the Journal as well as the rest of the George Fox faculty and staff. My husband loves to shock people with how much I paid for attending George Fox (he doesn’t know it was rated among the best college “buys” in a popular magazine when I chose to attend), but every time I read through the Journal, I am reminded of the fact that every penny spent on my education there was well worth it. I am consistently impressed with the Journal as well as what is going on with the university. I was encouraged to read about the gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender rights activists bus being met with grace; green building on campus; and seeing some of my former classmates who are serving in the Peace Corps.

Our world desperately needs people who love Jesus to show it in daily life from loving people unconditionally to the way we steward our resources. I continue to see this modeled through stories I read in the Journal. I feel blessed to have been able to attend George Fox University, and I thank you all for your hard work.

Erin (Parmley) Banks (G00)
Tacoma, Wash.

>> Kudos to George Fox University for great steps toward sustainability — the green building of the new residence hall and Denny’s commitment to buying locally produced food for the cafeteria. Also the featuring of Brian McLaughlin’s fine example of utilizing biodiesel fuel and the climate change “call to action” statement.

Inspired by news from the university, I also offer a challenge — to administrators, faculty, students, staff, and alumni of George Fox — to give thoughtful consideration to the university’s stance on non-heterosexual sexuality and relationships. I read in this summer 2007 issue of the Journal that the university welcomed the 2007 Soulforce Equality Ride for “a day of civil dialogue ... expressing the love of Christ to a group that has not always been met with grace.”

Perhaps the university’s encounter with Soulforce will inspire thoughtful consideration of the Christ-like love the university holds as its standard. It seems now may be a good time to reconsider the perspective articulated in the Journal — that “the university was clear about its orthodox Christian view of homosexuality ...” I venture that the Christ who opposed those considered orthodox in his own time would have found the “orthodoxy” of a view a poor excuse for the passing of judgment and a lack of love.

Karah Fisher (G97)
Oceanside, Ore.

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