Annie for President

No way was she going to run for office. The speeches, the long hours, the campaigning . . . No thanks. Her last foray into politics had been in the sixth grade when her slogan, “Vote for Annie or she’ll kick your fanny,” catapulted her into the secretary’s seat.

But, as often happens for senior Annie Smith, her plans changed. After serving as the Associated Student Community’s public relations director, her friends – along with Kristina Findley, the associate dean of student leadership – encouraged her to run for president. Then she won. “It’s kind of an exceptional thing,” Smith says. “After the election, I felt this immediate love for the students. It was like, ‘I’m going to care for you.’”

Serving as president gives Smith, an admitted extrovert, the perfect excuse to go to every school-related activity that fits in her schedule. “They are things I want to do anyway,” she says. “I get to meet as many of the students as I can.”