Our Vision for Service

At the core of the George Fox experience is our deep commitment to integrate the sacred into everything we do.

Faculty and staff approach higher education – the academic disciplines, extracurricular activities and professional preparation – from a worldview that places God at the center. A holistic education like this that connects “head and heart” best serves our students, and ultimately, society.

Students are trained not only to be competent in their discipline, they are encouraged to become bearers of God’s presence in whatever profession he calls them – whether they are engineers, teachers, sculptors, politicians, filmmakers or physical therapists. Our greatest aim is for students to discover purpose in using their unique abilities to join in the Spirit’s movement to redeem and heal the world. The dream expressed for years in our annual catalog when we were still Pacific College stands today:

Pacific College Bulletin, Catalogue Number 1934-1935
From the Pacific College Bulletin, Catalogue Number 1934-1935

Pacific College seeks to be definitely and positively Christian. It seeks to bring its students to an acceptance of Jesus Christ as personal Savior and Lord. It seeks to help its students to a definite dedication of life to the service of Christ, and to that incoming of the divine Spirit without whose help the fullest service to God and to humanity is impossible. It seeks to assist its students to find their work in life, and at least to begin their definite preparation for it.