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Journal Online Extra: Haley Bellows

Read this update from Haley with the latest on her health and the launch of her new website. To read more posts by Haley, visit her blog.

I just have some fun updates, and then some health updates that I want to share in this post!

First I want to start off by telling you about my awesome friends Cary and Kayin Griffith (and they have really adorable daughter Anaya, but this isn't about her). ;)

I don't know how many times in the last 7 months I have heard them say, "You guys need to buy the effcancermovement domain!" I would always respond by just giggling, or saying "I know, I know. We will..." But it never happened.

Then on October 22nd, I got an email from Kayin saying that they bought it!

And then here we are a month and a half later and they have completely designed and launched a website for us!! If you somehow missed it being posted all over facebook and instagram and twitter...


This website is a landing page for all things Eff Cancer! We have a link to our facebook page, our etsy account where you can purchase shirts, our gofundme page where you can directly donate to our cause, and then lots of other fun stuff in the About Me section!

Secondly, I want to give a fuller update as to how I am doing with my treatments and what all is going on in the life of Haley.

Recently I found out that I will be doing chemotherapy longer than I had originally expected. My last chemo (10th round) was scheduled for December 6th, but not my last chemo date to March 7th. 16 rounds is the maximum with this treatment, so if at the end of this chemo regimen the cancer is not gone, then we will be in the talks of a bone marrow transplant.

I then got a second opinion and they agreed with my doctor that I should finish the remaining chemo, as well as adding in another type of chemo drug. This part has been discouraging because we finally found a regimen that allows me to feel pretty decent after every treatment, so adding in another drug scares me, especially since my regimen already includes an antibody therapy, 3 chemo drugs, steroids, IV radiation, and more pills than I even want to count.

A big decision that has recently been made is that I am going to be taking a semester off of school to have my main focus be getting healthy. This was a hard decision that has so many pros and cons, but in the end I think I have made the right decision.

I have already registered for two online classes to make sure that I have some work to keep me busy. And another thing that has been in discussion is possibly taking one class at George Fox in the spring so that way I am able to keep my mind engaged and in the Fox community. But with that plan, comes money. Because you don't get financial aid when going less than full time, I don't think I can financially afford just one class at George Fox.

At this moment, I am just rolling with the punches in this process of trying to figure out finances and school and treatments. So in that all, I continue to trust that God provides.

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