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Incarnations of the Heart

Religious studies professor Mark McLeod-Harrison published the book Incarnations of the Heart (Wipf and Stock) in July. The book is a collection of poems and creative nonfiction essays.

History professor Paul Otto served as guest editor of the Journal of Early American History for a special issue titled “Early Iroquoian-European Contacts: The Kaswentha Tradition, the Two Row Wampum Belt, and the Tawagonshi Document.”

A Guidebook to PrayerIn November, Seminary professor MaryKate Morse published A Guidebook to Prayer: 24 Ways to Walk with God. In the book, Morse presents various attributes of God and suggests a prayer experience to help readers relate to God through each attribute.

Professor Lori DeKruyf of the Graduate School of Counseling collaborated on a two-part special issue of the journal Professional School Counseling. Part 1 of the issue “School counselors and student mental health” was published in June; Part 2 – in which she coauthored two articles – came out in October.

Religious studies professor Brian Doak’s peer-reviewed essay, “The Fate and Power of Heroic Bones and the Politics of Bone Transfer in Ancient Israel and Greece,” was published in a recent issue of Harvard Theological Review. Another of his essays, “Ezekiel’s Topography of the (Un-)Heroic Dead in Ezek. 32:17-32,” was featured in the Journal of Biblical Literature.

The Letter of AlonIn August, religious studies professor John Knox published a book, The Letter of Alon (CrossLink Publishing). The story centers around a professor who uncovers a long-preserved letter written in the first century of Christianity by a distant ancestor.

Two chemistry faculty were recently published in the Journal of Chemical Education. Paul Chamberlain published an article in the September issue titled “The Identification of Alcohols with 13C NMR Spectroscopy.”

Meanwhile, Jeff Vargason co-wrote an article, “How Does Atomic Structure Affect Electron Clouds? A Guided-Inquiry NMR Laboratory for General Chemistry,” that appeared on the cover of the July issue.

College of Education faculty Anna Berardi, Linda Samek, Amy Dee, Debby Espinor, Brenda Morton, Steve Bearden, Steve Song and Waneen Aden White recently published two articles in The International Journal of Diversity in Organizations, Communities and Nations: “From Cosmetic to Metabolized Change: Promoting Paradigm Shifts in a Dominant Culture University” and “A Treatise on Diversity in a Dominant Culture University.”

The Oxford Handbook of Quaker StudiesHoward Macy, professor emeritus in the religious studies department, wrote a chapter, “Quakers and Scripture,” in The Oxford Handbook of Quaker Studies. Professor at Large Arthur O. Roberts also penned a chapter in the same volume, “Evangelical Quakers, 1887-2010.”

In August, Seminary professor Kent Yinger had an essay, “Jewish Education,” published in the textbook The World of the New Testament: Cultural, Social, and Historical Contexts.

An article co-written by communication arts professor Charles Choi, “Intergenerational Communication and Age Boundaries in Mongolia and the United States,” was published in the December 2013 issue of Communication Reports.

In November, English professor Melanie Springer Mock’s article “The Real Complexities of the Simple Life” was published in the online edition of Christianity Today. Also, her essay “Mothering, More With Less” was published in the book Mothering Mennonite (Demeter Press).

Religious studies professor Paul Anderson had an essay, “Incidents Dispersed in the Synoptics and Cohering in John – Dodd, Brown, and Johannine Historicity,” published in Engaging with C.H. Dodd on the Gospel of John – Sixty Years of Tradition and Interpretation (Cambridge University Press).

George Fox Honored

In October, Director of Plant Services Clyde Thomas accepted on behalf of the university the 2013 Urban Conservationist Award from the Yamhill Soil and Water Conservation District. The award was in recognition of Thomas’ and others’ work to combat soil erosion and invasive species in the university’s Hess Creek Canyon.

In July, the website Affordable Colleges Online ranked George Fox among the top 10 colleges in Oregon for lifetime return on investment. Institutions that made the list “have affordable tuition rates and fees, and graduate students who go on to solid lifetime earnings.”

Seminary professor Randy Woodley received a Wabash Fellowship. Woodley was one of 14 ATS theological school and religion professors selected to participate in the highly competitive Wabash Center for Teaching and Learning in Theology and Religion, Pre-tenure Faculty Workshop in 2013-14.

Theatre professor Rhett Luedtke was recognized by the Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival this summer for outstanding work as director of the original drama The Broken (below), which debuted last spring. Luedtke received the same honor last year for his direction of Mrs. Packard and Enchanted April.

The Broken

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