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Alumni Connections


Kay Mattson (G85) and Chris Goldfinger, Aug. 7, 2004, Mt. Hood National Forest, Ore.

Marisa Mandujano (G98) and Alfredo Mendoza (student), Nov. 5, 2004, Salem, Ore.

Aaron Marshall (G98) and Janay Ramos, June 19, 2004, Santa Barbara, Calif.

Carley Egelston (G00) and David Shaut, Sept. 25, 2004, Gresham, Ore.

Valerie Potts (G00) and Chad Fensler, Sept. 18, 2004, Burney, Calif.

Selena Snider (G00) and Andrew Mack, Dec. 18, 2004, Boise, Idaho.

Amy Weybright (G00) and Seth Nickell, July 10, 2004, Redmond, Ore.

Julie Eggiman (G01) and Aaron Evans, Sept. 17, 2004, Turner, Ore.

Megan Luginbill (G01) and Troy Fisher, Dec. 18, 2004, Rockford, Ill.

Raya Knauss (G01) and David Nichols (n01), Sept. 10, 2004, Portland.

Ron Davis (G02) and Trina Christiansen (G03), Jan. 16, 2005, Portland.

Megan Elsner (G02) and Jason Holland, July 24, 2004, Sherwood, Ore.

Wendy Noyes (G02) and Tim Witty, Nov. 13, 2004, Auburn, Wash.

Nathan Paisley (G02) and Melissa McKenzie (G03), Oct. 2, 2004, Oregon City, Ore.

Catherine Shannon (G02) and Lorenzo Chavez, Jr., Sept. 4, 2004, Roy, Wash.

Christine Shaw (G02) and Mike Robinson, Aug. 20, 2004, Albany, Ore.

Shai Workman (G02) and Bryan Wadlow (G04), Dec. 4, 2004, Newberg.

John Zia (G03) and Katy Dieker (G04), July 17, 2004, Yakima, Wash.

Holly Leach (MA04) and Whit Hemphill, June 5, 2004, Eugene, Ore.

Mark Johnson (G04) and Elissa Hayworth (G05), July 17, 2004, Grants Pass, Ore.

Don Jenkins (G04) and Sarah Schmidt (G04), Nov. 6, 2004, Portland.

Alison Butler (G04) and Jared Palmer (G04), Feb. 4, 2005, Oregon City, Ore.

Ryan McPherson (n04) and Heather Pryor (G04), Dec. 18, 2004, Lewiston, Mont.

Elizabeth Bruno (G04) and Benjamin Wilkinson (G04), June 27, 2004, Dallas, Ore.


Heather (Gordon) (G83) and Jeffery Ventrella, a
girl, McKenzie Elizabeth, Nov. 7, 2004,
Mesa, Ariz.

Lois (Perisho) (G85) and Mike Tebo, a boy, Jacob
, March 18, 2004, Germantown, Wis.

Tammy (Morris) (G92) and Eric Heerwagen, a
girl, Eliana Hope, Nov. 17, 2004, Portland.

Matthew (G92) and Chiqui Zoller, a boy,
Anthony Phillip, Sept. 14, 2004, Santa Cruz,

Laurie (Kenyon) (G94) and Jason (DPS01) Joy,
a boy, Derek Scott, July 5, 2004,
McMinnville, Ore.

Elaine (Reimer) (G94) and Marc Paré, a girl,
Emily Michelle Reimer, April 30, 2004,
Montreal, Quebec.

Michael (G94) and Heidi (Schneiter) (G94)
, a boy, Cole Michael, Sept. 23, 2004,

Kristina (Arnold) (G95) and Richard Lim, a girl,
Melody Rachel, June 29, 2004, Fort Collins,

Grant (G96, MAT98) and Christina (High) (G97,
Hartenstein, a boy, Trenton Ezra, Aug. 2,
2004, Oregon City, Ore.

Lori (Mills) (G96) and Derrik Thune, a boy,
Blake Henry, Sept. 17, 2004, Portland.

Jeff (G97) and Cynthia (Marshall) (G00) Gillespie,
a girl, Cadence Jane, Jan. 29, 2005, Portland.

Christina (Stenstadvold) (G97) and Steven
, a boy, Luke Charles, Feb. 25, 2005,
Bend, Ore.

Tim (G98) and Jennifer Hanson, a girl, Sophia
, Sept. 30, 2004, Corvallis, Ore.

Jacob (G98, MBA05) and Amanda Sue (Conner)
Harris, a boy, Andrew Conner, Feb. 14,
2005, Newberg.

Kari (Schneider) (G98) and Jason Koller, a girl,
Kennedy Noelle, Dec. 13, 2004, Gladstone, Ore.

Nancy (Rissmiller) (G98) and Joe Wilson, a girl,
Lindsey Marie, May 12, 2004, Portland.

Laurie (Robeson) (n99) and Steve Davala, a girl,
Kyra Danae, Nov. 21, 2004, Tigard, Ore.

Shaun (G99) and Faith (Garner) (G00) McCloud, a
boy, Silas Lee, Nov. 23, 2004, Nevada City, Calif.

Heather (MAT00) and Brian (GFES01) Borin, a
boy, Caden James, Jan. 15, 2005, Greenfield,

Nate (G00) and Kim McIntyre, a boy, Elijah
, Nov. 3, 2004, Newberg.

Kim (Reimer) (G01) and David Hale, a girl,
Olivia Kaye, Oct. 2, 2004, Salem, Ore.

Brian (PsyD01) and Tiffany Whitehall, a boy,
Tristan John, Sept. 24, 2004, Aberdeen, Wash.


Esther (Winters) Klages (G28), Dec. 13, 2004,

Joseph Kycek Jr. (G41), Oct. 16, 2004, Eureka,

George Bales (G43), Oct. 8, 2004, Newberg.

Barbara (Garrett) Houser (G45), Nov. 7, 2004,

Leroy Neifert (G49), Dec. 18, 2004, Newberg.

William Bales (n52), Oct. 12, 2004, Dundee, Ore.

Ruth (Harris) Mills (n54), Jan. 20, 2005,

Helen (Lesser) Avery (n58), Jan. 24, 2005,
Oregon City, Ore.

Jack Gilliland (G67, GFES90), Dec. 30, 2004,
Beaverton, Ore.

Jane Flett (DPS91), June 14, 2004, Portland.

Linda Montrone (MBA97), Oct. 20, 2004,
Beaverton, Ore.

Wesley Charles “Chuck” Hoke (DPS01), Jan. 26,
2005, Winston, Ore.

Patrick Kibler (n05), Dec. 22, 2004, Lake
Oswego, Ore.

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G Traditional graduate
n Traditional nongraduate
SPS School of Professional Studies graduate
GFES Seminary graduate
PsyD Doctor of psychology graduate
MAT Master of arts in teaching graduate
MBA Master of business administration graduate
MA Master of arts graduate
MEd Master of education graduate


Dombek signs with Rockies

Greg Dombek, starting catcher

Greg Dombek, the starting catcher on George Fox’s 2004 NCAA Division III national baseball championship team, became the second member of that squad to sign a professional baseball contract, inking a deal with the Colorado Rockies.

Dombek was a Second Team All-Northwest Conference catcher who batted .342 as a senior and led the league with 10 home runs. He was the batting leader in the 2004 World Series with 14 hits in six games.

Dombek reported to the Rockies’ minor league spring training camp in Tucson, Ariz., on March 3, and hopes to be assigned to one of Colorado’s Class A teams.

Dombek joins pitcher Scott Hyde, a seventh-round draft pick of the New York Mets last summer, as Bruins currently in the professional ranks.

- Kirk Hirota

Sports Hall of Fame:
Class of 2005

Greg Pfleger

Greg Pfleger Men’s Soccer 1991-94 • One of just two players in George Fox history to average more than a goal per game, Pfleger scored 84 goals in 77 games (1.09). He is second all-time in career goals and eighth in career assists (23). Player of the Year: NAIA District 2 (1993), Cascade Conference (1994); Honorable Mention NAIA All-American (1992, 1993); NAIA Third Team All-American (1994)

Heidi Newkirk

Heidi (Rueck) Newkirk Women’s Basketball 1991-95 • Newkirk is the all-time leader in career assists (584) and assists per game (5.7). As a point guard, she had five double-digit assist games. She ranks sixth in career steals (177), seventh in free-throw percentage (.743), and 10th in scoring (990). First Team All-Cascade Conference (1993-94, 1994-95); Honorable Mention NAIA All- American (1994-95)

Joanna Agan

Joanna (Lofgren) Agan Volleyball 1994-96 • Joanna (Lofgren) Agan was a powerful outside hitter. She set the season record for kills per game (5.60) in 1995 and holds single-game records for kills in a five-game match (32), a four-game match (32 ), and a three-game match (25). Her career total of 775 kills is the most for any two-year Bruin career and ranks Agan 10th on the career-kills list. Honorable Mention NAIA All-American (1995)

Larry Herrick

Larry Herrick Meritorious Service • 1972 graduate Larry Herrick has worked thousands of hours at the scorer’s table as a scoreboard and shot clock operator for the men’s and women’s basketball teams. He also has traveled to numerous away games to assist in stat keeping.

1984 Volleyball Team

1984 Volleyball Team • With a 30-10 record, the team captured the National Christian College Athletic Association National Championship, the first national team title of any kind in Bruin history. Team members were: Deanna Aarhus, Kerri Brown, Danette DeFord, Mary Erbele, Melody Groeneveld McMaster, Susan Nofziger, Lael Pinney, Debbie Pruitt, Melanie Rienstra, Debbie Sayre, Denise Iverson, Diane Walter, and Coach Steve Grant.