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Just Married

Steve Comfort (n79) and Elizabeth Carlson (SPS01, MBA04), Nov. 24, 2006, in Newberg.

Donna Hurl (G97) and Keith Ramsey, Sept. 16, 2006, in Woodburn, Ore.

Carmen Guerricagoitia (G98) and W. Carson McLean, Sept. 9, 2006, in Carlisle, Pa.

Mari Martin (G98) and Nathan Neubauer, Sept. 22, 2006, in Princeville, Kauai, Hawaii.

Corrie Chasteen (G99) and Ben Herman, Sept. 16, 2006, in Eugene, Ore.

Becky Portman (G99) and Dave Schultz, Aug. 26, 2006, in Foster City, Calif.

Korie Lynn Jones (G00) and Brandon Buerkle (G03), Oct. 7, 2006, in Newberg.

Lora Wilson (MA01) and Greg Goodenough, Sept. 10, 2006, in Salem, Ore.

Carlos Stevenson (G04) and Michelle Messenger, Sept. 8, 2006, in Eagle Point, Ore.

Lynette Brazell (SPS05) and Jose Trevino, Oct. 21, 2006, in Eugene, Ore.

Matthew Cox (G05) and Beth Klopfenstein (G05), Oct. 14, 2006, in Vancouver, Wash.

Heather Dougherty (G06) and Shannon Gregory, July 6, 2006, in Bend, Ore.

Amy Harris (G06) and Joel Tuning, July 22, 2006, in Madras, Ore.

John Hossler (G06) and Jennifer Brown, Aug. 11, 2006, in Missoula, Mont.

Valerie Plowhead (G06) and Matt Parks, Oct. 28, 2006, in Albany, Ore.

Arwen Presley (G06) and Samuel Weisser, Sept. 30, 2006, in Butteville, Ore.

Baby Bruins

Paul Brown (G89) and Karen Brown, a boy, Sean James, May 10, 2006, in Portland.

Paul Huizinga (G91) and Maureen Huizinga, a boy, Thomas Ryan, Dec. 8, 2006, in Glen Allen, Va.

David Simonsen (G92) and Luwana (Stanton) Simonsen (G92), a girl, Clara Blessing, Feb. 25, 2006, in Olympia, Wash.

Matthew Zoller (G92) and Chiqui Zoller, a boy, Matthew Alexander, Sept. 9, 2006, in Santa Cruz, Bolivia.

Rob Poznanski (n93) and Melissa Poznanski, a girl, Hayden Elizabeth, Jan. 23, 2006, in Auburn, Wash.

Tina (Stauffer) Bucher (G95) and Anthony Bucher, a girl, Haidyn Grace, May 9, 2006, in Springfield, Ore.

Jon Newswanger (G95) and Shawn Newswanger, a boy, Dillon Christopher, Nov. 2, 2006, in Salem, Ore.

Elizabeth (Monlezun) Smith (G95) and Trevor Smith (G95), a girl, June Marie, July 7, 2006, in Eugene, Ore.

Ryan Weller (G95) and Paulette Mixon-Weller, a boy, Preston Smith, Sept. 15, 2006, in Portland.

Meredith (Jessup) Dougherty (n96) and Ryan Dougherty (G99), a boy, Quinn Jessup, March 31, 2006, in Newberg.

Paul Reimer (G96) and Candi Reimer, a boy, Aaron Phillip, Oct. 11, 2005, in Fresno, Calif.

Christy (Ortman) Walbuck (G96) and Mac Walbuck, a boy, McKellen Gyasi, Nov. 2, 2006, in Boise, Idaho.

Michelle (Quaas) Whitmire (G96) and Jake Whitmire, a boy, Brady Alexander, born Nov. 21, 2006, adopted Nov. 22, 2006, in Eagle Point, Ore.

Stephanie (Sanders) Adams (G97) and Thomas Adams, a girl, Ellianna Grace, born May 6, 2006, in Littleton, Colo.

Amy Dent Beebe (G97) and Sean Beebe (G97), a girl, Anya Argia, Oct. 14, 2006, in Salem, Ore.

Jesica (Parnell) Hanson (G97) and Joseph Hanson, a boy, Nicholas Alexander, May 6, 2006, in Bakersfield, Calif.

Eric Walker (G97) and Mary Walker, a girl, Makayla Marie, Aug. 29, 2006, in Walnut Creek, Calif.

Monte Wilber (G97) and Guenevere Wilber, a boy, Aidan James, born Dec. 6, 2006, in Topeka, Kan., adopted Dec. 15, 2006, in Williamsville, N.Y.

Jason Wolf (G97) and Kristen (Van Houte) Wolf (G98), a boy, Josiah David, Sept. 17, 2006, in Eugene, Ore.

Hans Schneiter (G98) and Rebekah (Crover) Schneiter (G99), a boy, Coen James, Sept. 20, 2006, in Newberg.

Tricia (Rice) Bates (G99) and Ryan Bates, a boy, Neil Jeffrey, Sept. 2, 2006, in Silverton, Ore.

Rachel (Powell) Brandt (G99) and Tony Brandt, a girl, Abigail Joanna, July 9, 2006, in Albany, Ore.

Rachelle (Schieck) Wieg (G99) and Jason Wieg (G00), a boy, Hudson Brady, Jan. 4, 2007, in Newberg.

Michael Dahl (G00, MAT02) and Carrie (Johnson) Dahl (G01), a girl, Elsie Noelle, Jan. 15, 2007, in Portland.

Jenifer (McAlister) DeWolfe (G00, MAT04) and Daniel DeWolfe, a boy, Vaughn Edmund, Oct. 14, 2006, in Portland.

Sarri (Tate) Gibson (G00) and Joel Gibson (G01), a boy, Carter Mac, March 21, 2006, in McMinnville, Ore.

Britton Lacy (G00) and Michelle (Walter) Lacy (G01), a boy, Ethan Michael, March 24, 2006, in Gresham, Ore.

Anne (Jeli) Stewart (G00) and Rod Stewart, a boy, Owen Clark, Oct. 29, 2006, in Portland.

Debbie (Ross) Taylor (G00) and Seth Taylor, a girl, Micaela Rose, Sept. 15, 2006, in Madras, Ore.

Sarah (Rush) Van Dermyden (G00) and Kevin Van Dermyden, a girl, Grace Pearl, Oct. 27, 2006, in Visalia, Calif.

Richard Brown (G01) and Davida (Ankeny) Brown (G02), a girl, Abigail Grace, Oct. 10, 2006, in Stanford, Calif.

Eric Costa (G01) and Jerilee Costa, a boy, Ransom Samuel, Nov. 19, 2006, in Clackamas, Ore.

Katie (Horning) Evans (G01) and Timothy Evans, a girl, Selah Marie, Jan. 3, 2007, in Portland.

Annie (Haglund) Schilperoort (G01) and Kevin Schilperoort (G01), a boy, Callum Christopher, April 26, 2006, in Tualatin, Ore.

Brenda Edmunds (G02) and Garrett Edmunds, a girl, Bethany Rachael, Oct. 6, 2006, in Clackamas, Ore.

Conley Bergh (G03) and Stephanie Bergh, a boy, Joseph Taylor, Oct. 23, 2006, in Tualatin, Ore.

Candace (Cox) Lute (G03) and Tyler Lute, a boy, Cade Michael, March 22, 2006, in Salem, Ore.

Dara (Ortman) Wills (n03) and Christopher Wills, a girl, Sydney Grace, Dec. 12, 2006, in Portland.

Zach Bascom (G04) and Jessica (Bryant) Bascom (G05), a boy, Owen Terrance, Oct. 5, 2006, in Newberg.

Janine (Hockett) Duronslet (n05) and Jean-Paul Duronslet, a boy, Jean-Luc, Oct. 9, 2006, in Portland.

Ryan Littrell (G05) and Caitlyn (Wehr) Littrell (G06), a boy, Liam Chase, Dec. 23, 2006, in Tualatin, Ore.

In Memory

Ruthanna (McCracken) Hampton (G36), Nov. 23, 2006, in Newberg.

Irene (Swanson) Haisch (G40), Dec. 4, 2006, in Newberg.

Herschel Thornburg (G46), Oct. 25, 2006, in Newberg.

Leona (Harris) Thornburg (G49), Dec. 31, 2006, in Newberg.

Milford House (n51), Jan. 3, 2007, in Newberg.

Fred Littlefield (G51, MDiv75), Oct. 24, 2006, in Haviland, Kan.

Hal May (G51, GFES61), Oct. 11, 2006, in Newberg.

Wayne Piersall (G51), Jan. 5, 2007, in Newberg.

Delmer Ransdell (MDiv53), July 31, 2006, in Tigard, Ore.

John McClimans (GFES57, MA89), Jan. 6, 2007, in Sheridan, Ill.

Rodney Vickers (G63), Sept. 30, 2006, in Portland.

Brenda (Bloodgood) Long (n64), Jan. 25, 2007, in Portland.

Sandra (Dickinson) Olson (n66), Sept. 27, 2006, in Portland.

David Johnson (MA75), Oct. 24, 2006, in Chiloquin, Ore.

David Miller (SPS90), Dec. 29, 2006, in Portland.

More Stories

G Traditional graduate
n Traditional nongraduate
SPS School of Professional Studies graduate
GFES Seminary graduate
PsyD Doctor of psychology graduate
MAT Master of arts in teaching graduate
MBA Master of business administration graduate
MA Master of arts graduate
MEd Master of education graduate


Staying the course

Gregg Lamm

Gregg Lamm’s philosophy of ministry is simple: "As followers of Jesus Christ, let’s be an example of doing good and invite others to join us on that road."

Lamm (G80), lead pastor-teacher of 2nd Street Community Church in Newberg, did just that in February. His church donated $2,500 to Morning Star Missionary Baptist Church, destroyed by fire Feb. 6. Second Street made the gift even though the Quaker congregation had saved just $15,000 to secure a building of its own and had no tangible connection to the Portland church.

"I know there are so many churches that have huge reserve funds," Lamm told The Oregonian, which featured Lamm on the front page of its Feb. 26 issue. "If that money is just sitting there, why not even take a little bit of it and do something like this? I want to challenge people to think that way."

After 14 years as campus pastor at George Fox and a stint as interim pastor in Adrian, Mich., Lamm returned to the area last summer. "Seeing how God wants to connect with people in ways lifelong, not just within a four-year cycle, is pure joy," he says of his new job. Lamm shares his thoughts about faith, living, and learning at

Street Smarts


Jonathan Ridenour (MA06, center) and Brian Goff (BA90, left) opened the doors of Evergreen Clinical last summer, providing uninsured and underinsured Portlanders with low-cost psychotherapy. Also on staff is Jeff Nelson (MA05, right).He and Ridenour are both students in George Fox’s PsyD program. "Our goal is to provide hope to those we serve," says Ridenour. Integrating spiritual issues into therapy is a key element of their work.

When his home group from Evergreen Community Church was helping another church minister to the homeless, Ridenour saw the need for low-cost therapy services. George Fox professors Wayne Adams, Mary Peterson, and Clark Campbell helped Ridenour apply for a grant, provided informal supervision as he began seeing clients, and helped develop Evergreen as a practicum site for the university’s PsyD program. As the service began to expand, Goff, a licensed psychologist, came on to help form the clinic.

For more information, see

The writer she wants to be

Gina Oschner

In London, the newspaper reviews described her writing as "exquisite," "intriguing," and "engaging." Her photo ran in The New York Times. The National Endowment for the Arts gave her a $20,000 fellowship to travel and research.

Gina (Withnell) Ochsner (G92) is writing her way to literary acclaim. Her most recent collection of short stories, People I Wanted to Be, won the 2006 H.L. Davis Oregon Book Award for Short Fiction. Her 2002 collection, The Necessary Grace to Fall, won the same award as well as the Flannery O’Conner Award for short fiction. Her stories have appeared in The New Yorker, The Best American Nonrequired Reading, Kenyon Review, and Prairie Schooner, and have earned her a slew of literary awards.

Now, the 36-year-old mother of three is an aspiring novelist. Supported by the NEA Creative Writing Fellowship, she traveled to Russia and Latvia last June to gather details for her first novel The Russian Dreambook of Color and Flight, due out in 2008.

Ochsner says she is praying often as she feels her way through the complex process of crafting her first book. She fears a misstep. "I’d rather see this thing stay in the drawer than be printed and regret it forever," she says.

"Sometimes publishing is the worst thing that can happen if a writer is not ready." Her backup plan, she says, is a second novel tentatively titled "The Persuasion of Water."

Few seem to share her doubts. To help fund a research trip to Latvia for her second novel, she applied for a $20,000 grant from the Guggenheim Foundation. They sent $30,000.