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Just Married

Darrel Lamb (G85) and Shannon (Conachan) Raschdorf (SPS96), Sept. 15, 2007, in Portland.

Deborah Sartwell (G95) and Dev Rajhansa, Nov. 3, 2007, in Philadelphia.

Troy Gregg (MA 96) and Debbie Ferguson, Feb. 24, 2007, in Salem, Ore.

Melanie Smith (SPS96, MAT97) and Keith Hasbrouck (MAT 02), June 23, 2007, in McMinnville, Ore.

Kelly Anderson (G97, MEd00) and Ryan McDonald, Aug. 11, 2007, in Portland.

David Barbee (G00) and Emily Fry, May 26, 2007, in Findlay, Ohio.

Aimee Buchholz (G01) and Jeremy McAdams, Sept. 9, 2007, in Anacortes, Wash.

Kelsey Kaopuiki (G01) and Miguel Mesa, Aug. 11, 2007, in Portland.

Brooke Krovious (G01) and Mark Martinez, July 7, 2007, in Carpinteria, Calif.

Katie McCoy (G01) and Alex Christensen, June 22, 2007, in Spokane, Wash.

Melissa Mock (G01) and Rahul Rawat, Aug. 4, 2007, in Omak, Wash.

Jocelyn Barnes (G02) and Isaac Micheil, Sept. 22, 2007, in Sherwood, Ore.

Pam Mattson (G02) and Jon Melot (G02), Dec. 1, 2007, in Vail, Colo.

Marci Shires (G02) and Danny Kern, Oct. 14, 2007, in Mount Hermon, Calif.

Ryan Evans (G03) and Natalie Litwiller, April 14, 2007, in Grants Pass, Ore.

Christy Russo (G03) and Daniel Sumerfield, Sept. 23, 2007, in Yakima, Wash.

Kristiane Sorestad (G03) and Darron Ransbarger, Oct. 20, 2007, in Sedro Woolley, Wash.

Angela Woods (G03) and Lewis Pearson, June 9, 2007, in Memphis, Tenn.

Derek Dougherty (G04) and Tori Carrigan, Aug. 4, 2007, in Springfield, Ore.

Mark Gayman (G05) and Kimberly Plotts, Oct. 6, 2007, in Salem, Ore.

Effie Mills (G05) and Ben Pulford, Oct. 6, 2007, in Battle Ground, Wash.

Anna Bellamy (G06) and Leighton Nordquist, May 19, 2007, in Oregon City, Ore.

Cory Crooks (G06) and Andy Imhof, June 30, 2007, in Salem, Ore.

Elizabeth Jury (G07) and James Tower, May 12, 2007, in Salem, Ore.

April Russell (G07) and Brandon Eckert, June 18, 2007, in Oregon City, Ore.

Baby Bruins

Randy Comfort (SPS85) and Annie Comfort, a girl, Eleanor Marian, Oct. 18, 2007, in Jackson, Mich.

Christopher Davis (G93) and Angela (Broussard) Davis (n93), a boy, Trey Austin, Nov. 12, 2007, in Anchorage, Alaska.

Robbin (Armstrong) Poetzl (G93) and Jim Poetzl, a girl, Rhianah Katherine, Aug. 9, 2007, in Eugene, Ore.

Mark Herold (n94) and Sandra Herold, a boy, Trevor Wayne, Dec. 14, 2007, in Longview, Wash.

Gary Murphy (G96) and Shana (Schmidt) Murphy (G96), a girl, Gennavieve Louella Joy, Sept. 5, 2007, in Roseburg, Ore.

Kyle Chowning (G97) and Kristy Chowning, a girl, Savannah Grace, July 17, 2007, in Nashville, Tenn.

Amy (Varin) Hoppock (G97) and Todd Hoppock, a boy, Reid Jackson, Nov. 14, 2007, in Orange, Calif.

Tonya (Miller) Kennerley (G97, ME d98) and Barre Kennerley, a girl, Casey Irene, April 4, 2007, in Reedley, Calif.

Elissa (Anderegg) Vanlandingham (G97, MAT00) and Robert Vanlandingham (n99), a girl, Amelia Hope, Sept. 10, 2007, in Corvallis, Ore.

Kathleen (Anderson) Wagner (G97) and Mike Wagner, a girl, Krista Anne, Oct. 2, 2007, in Oregon City, Ore.

Janette (Monckton) Acuña (G98) and Richard Acuña, a girl, Sofia Ruth, April 22, 2007, in Gresham, Ore.

Tennille (Camarillo) Hostetler (G98) and Gabriel Hostetler, a boy, Kalana Josue, June 6, 2007, in Canby, Ore.

Heidi (Hughes) Monuteaux (G98) and Justin Monuteaux, a girl, Lillie Elouise, Nov. 22, 2007, in Burien, Wash.

Courtney (Reynolds) Peterson (G98) and Hayes Peterson, a boy, Noah Michael, Sept. 19, 2007, in Portland.

Natalie (Walters) Spears (n98) and Zachary Spears, a girl, Hannah Elizabeth, Nov. 29, 2007, in Cincinnati.

Nancy (Rissmiller) Wilson (G98) and Joe Wilson (G99), a girl, Ashley Elizabeth, Feb. 6, 2007, in Portland.

Rebecca (Kunze) Archer (G99) and Chris Archer, a boy, Andrew John, Sept. 7, 2007, in Vancouver, Wash.

Kariann (Gillett) Box (G99) and Scott Box (G99), a boy, Titus Wilson, Oct. 31, 2007, in Newberg.

Anna (McInturf) Cherian (G99) and James Cherian, a girl, Helena Elizabeth, Oct. 13, 2007, in Ithaca, N.Y.

Karla (Schwanz) Christy (G99) and Grant Christy (G01), a boy, J Oliver, Oct. 11, 2007, in Aloha, Ore.

Jane (Seale) Gramenz (G99, MAT01) and Paul Gramenz (G02), a girl, Katelynn Jane, Sept. 2, 2007, in Minneapolis, Minn.

Lois (Lee) Hughes (G99) and Paul Hughes, a girl, Anya Angharad Lee, June 18, 2007, in Leicester, England.

Lindsay (Beck) Jacobsen (n99) and Andrew Jacobsen, a girl, Tirzah Elizabeth, Sept. 21, 2007, in Buhl, Idaho.

Jeffrey Wells (G99) and Jana (Swindler) Wells (G02), a girl, Annika Lynn, July 27, 2007, in Tualatin, Ore.

Bethany (Lawrence) Allen (n00) and Josh Allen, a girl, Melody Kay, Sept. 23, 2007, in Salem, Ore.

Beth (Randall) Armstrong (G00) and Travis Armstrong, a boy, Tate Randall, March 5, 2007, in Portland.

Heidi (Johnson) Boos (G00, MEd05) and Ryan Boos (G02), a boy, Austin Nicholas, Sept. 28, 2007, in Newberg.

Aaron Meyer (G00) and Tauna Meyer, a boy, Jaron Davis, Dec. 19, 2007, in Portland.

David Rasmussen (G00) and Julie (Schmidt) Rasmussen (G00), a girl, Tirien Mercy, Nov. 1, 2007, in Portland.

Heather (Hunt) Austin (G01) and Ryan Austin (G01), a boy, Javan Matthew, Dec. 11, 2007, in Silverton, Ore.

Christine (Karstensen) Bischof (SPS01) and Tim Bischof, a boy, Caleb Timothy, Sept. 10, 2007, in Newberg.

Shawn Church (MA01) and Kristin (Campbell) Church (G02), a boy, Zachary Dylan, July 25, 2007, in Seattle.

Stefani (Shindler) Ellis (G01) and Jack Ellis, a girl, Makenna Rose, Feb. 21, 2007, in Fort Wainwright, Alaska.

Chris Fisher (G01, PsyD06) and Lisa Fisher (G01), a boy, Caden Joseph, Sept. 6, 2007, in Napa, Calif.

Hannah (Melhorn) Noel (G01) and Brenton Noel, a boy, Emmett Brenton, April 20, 2007, in Yakima, Wash.

Amy (Chapman) Porter (G01) and Tim Porter, a girl, Isabelle Claire, Nov. 16, 2007, in Colorado Springs, Colo.

Camille (Hansch) Wade (G01) and Keith Wade (G01), a girl, Aubrey Laurelanne, June 14, 2007, in Everett, Wash.

David Kilian (G02, MAT03) and Nicole (Bostic) Kilian (G04), a boy, Liam Michael, Nov. 4, 2007, in Gresham, Ore.

Carl Trott (G02) and Marcy (Walter) Trott (G02), a girl, Eleanor Jean, May 3, 2007, in Lansing, Mich.

Janell (Hampton) Woods (G02) and Eric Woods, a boy, Jackson Hubert, Sept. 10, 2007, in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho.

John Coburn (G03) and Melissa Coburn (G03), a boy, Bryton Isaiah, Sept. 3, 2007, in Libby, Mont.

Jessica (Moore) Bates (G04) and Samuel Bates, a boy, Jonathan Edward, Aug. 2, 2007, in The Dalles, Ore.

AnnMarie (Hagala) Tibbitts (G05) and Christopher Tibbitts (G05), a boy, Elijah Amar, June 27, 2007, in Tacoma, Wash.

Matt Zarzana (SPS06) and Angela Zarzana, a boy, Nicholas Kevin, Sept. 27, 2007, in Vancouver, Wash.

In Memory

Elvett Brown (n42), Nov. 14, 2007, in Newberg.

John Fankhauser (G53), Oct. 7, 2007, in Newberg.

Roger Smith (n69), Nov. 3, 2007, in Portland.

David York (MDiv79), Jan. 21, 2007, in Norco, Calif.

Cathy Falgout (SPS92, MA 95), Sept. 1, 2007, in Keizer, Ore.

More Stories

G Traditional graduate
n Traditional nongraduate
SPS School of Professional Studies graduate
GFES Seminary graduate
PsyD Doctor of psychology graduate
MAT Master of arts in teaching graduate
MBA Master of business administration graduate
MA Master of arts graduate
MEd Master of education graduate
MS Master of Science
MDiv Master of Divinity
EdD Doctor of education


Together in Texas

together in texas
Longing to spend an evening without hearing "y'all" or "fixin'," Waco, Texas, residents Peter Smart (G99) and his wife, Beth (Ehli) Smart (G98, MAT02), had an idea. They began contacting George Fox alumni in the area, creating an unofficial reunion of relocated Northwesterners now 1,700 miles from their alma mater.

The Nov. 17 gathering brought together 14 recent-era classmates (several of them also former George Fox employees) who now have something else in common: Baylor University. All but two are employees or students at the Big 12 university. They met at the home of Sharia Hays (G02).

Around a potluck dinner, they spent the evening "sharing how the Lord led us all to Baylor," according to Beth Smart. Mostly they reminisced: Bruin brawls; roomies; chapels; and the variety of activities in which they participated, including DaySpring, University Players, Spring Serve, Winter Serve, student government, cheerleading, athletics.

Was it a success? Will they repeat? "Hopefully this spring," says Beth.

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Power of the pen

Phyllis Nissila
Phyllis Nissila (G96) continues to publish devotionals on — the latest outlet for her creative and inspirational writing. She's been published locally and nationally since the 1980s, with humor columns in the Eugene Register-Guard and The Springfield News and devotionals in Virtue and other magazines. "I believe my ministry is encouraging people," she says. "When it comes to writing, devotionals are my first love, inspirational features my second, and the occasional humor project keeps me sane." She also teaches high school writing and literature for HomeSource, a home school resource center, and adult classes at Lane Community College.