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Alumni Connections

Alumni News and Life Events  |  Marriages, births, and deaths information

Just Married

Jennifer Barnhart (G91) to Victor Alvarado, Dec. 28, 2008, in Las Vegas.

Thomas Fay (SPS94) and Tracy Collins, Dec. 24, 2008, in Vista, Calif.

Christine Barnett (G98) and Mark Mohammadpour, Sept. 27, 2008, in West Linn, Ore.

Nicole Hood (G99) and Chris Dunscomb, May 2, 2008, in Seattle.

Melissa Welp (G01) and Matt McKinney, Nov. 1, 2008, in Beaverton, Ore.

David Combs (G02) and Sabrena Jackson, Aug. 30, 2008, in Wasilla, Alaska.

Laura Mansfield (G03) and Jaaron Smith, May 25, 2008, in Portland.

Jordan Gama (G04) and Katrina Nelson, Sept. 15, 2007, in Corvallis, Ore.

Elizabeth Moyer (G04) and Austin Cronk, June 7, 2008, in Camarillo, Calif.

Kelley Strandy (n04) and David Vowels, Sept. 27, 2008, in Spokane, Wash.

Liane Hoffman (G06) and Jordan Philips (G08), Aug. 2, 2008, in Wilsonville, Ore.

Arland Kunz (SPS06) and Wanda Callahan, June 7, 2008, in Bend, Ore.

Melissa Longwell (G06) and Jeffrey Bilbro (G07), June 21, 2008, in Newberg.

Shannon Miles (G06) and Matt Schaeffer, Oct. 18, 2008, in Salem, Ore.

Monica Tolentino (MAT06) and Shawn Boland, Oct. 11, 2008, in Lincoln City, Ore.

Timothy Anderson (SPS07) and Donna Jost (SPS07), July 20, 2008, in Portland.

Ryan Sticka (G07) and Stephanie DeGraff (G08), Aug. 9, 2008, in Portland.

Andrew Herr (G08) and Leah Kaufman (n10), July 25, 2008, in Silverton, Ore.

Tara Strever (G08) and Jordan Beanblossom (student), Aug. 9, 2008, in Oregon City, Ore.

Baby Bruins

Marcia (Crisman) Bogert (G85) and Bruce Bogert, a girl, Monique Joy, born Nov. 15, 2003, in Tijuana, Mexico, adopted June 19, 2008, in Beaverton, Ore.

Rebecca (Holman) Friesen (G89) and Eon Friesen, a boy, Eli Daniel, Nov. 4, 2008, in Flagstaff, Ariz.

Roxie (Aust) Huffaker (G90, MEd96) and Allan Huffaker, a girl, Emily Joy, Oct. 23, 2008, in Corvallis, Ore.

Charlie Harrell (G93) and Crystal (Clark) Harrell (G94), a girl, Alexa Milan, Oct. 9, 2008, in Portland.

Heather (Taggart) Maiorano (G94) and Joel Maiorano, a boy, Gian Alexander, Sept. 5, 2008, in Lyons, Kan.

Ben Ashley (G96) and Jill (Wiesenthal) Ashley (MA02), a girl, Sophia Margaret, Sept. 26, 2008, in Newberg.

Phillip Nelson (G96) and Tracy Nelson, a girl, Kyra Marie, Aug. 31, 2008, in Tigard, Ore.

Ben Spotts (G96) and Libby Spotts, a boy, Lukas Todd, Aug. 31, 2008, in Hyderabad, India.

Matt Wilber (G96) and Sara (Skeeter) Wilber (G97), a girl, Marin Hope, June 19, 2008, in Houston, Texas.

Amy Dent Beebe (G97) and Sean Beebe (G97), a girl, Willow Ruby, April 26, 2008, in Salem, Ore.

Shannon (Winter) Moritz (G97) and Jonathan Moritz, a boy, Caden Jon, Nov. 16, 2008, in Klamath Falls, Ore.

Tami (Ingraham) Thompson (G97) and Ron Thompson, a girl, Faith Martha, Aug. 22, 2008, in Lynnwood, Wash.

Drew Ailes (G98) and Jana (Kilpatrick) Ailes (n99), a girl, Alexa RuthAnn, June 2, 2008, in Carson City, Nev.

Beth (Kahut) Coultrap (G98) and Keith Coultrap III, a girl, Macy Annelise, April 22, 2008, in Montclair, N.J.

Sarah (Johnson) Ellis (G98) and Brandon Ellis, a girl, Magdelena Clare, April 16, 2008, in Clovis, Calif.

Nathan Pfefferkorn (G98) and Allison (Soderlund) Pfefferkorn (G99), a girl, Stella Claire, May 23, 2008, in Oregon City, Ore.

Christopher Smith (G98) and Emily Smith (G00), a girl, Clara Emily, July 15, 2008, in Fort Collins, Colo.

Cary (Wadlow) Wood (G98) and David Wood (G98, MEd04), a boy, Nathanael Robert, Jan. 2, 2008, in Silverton, Ore.

Rachel (Powell) Brandt (G99) and Tony Brandt, a boy, David Howard, March 20, 2008, in Albany, Ore.

Joshua Cogar (G99) and Julie Cogar, a girl, Ella Grace, Sept. 26, 2008, in Gresham, Ore.

Erin (Johnson) Fast (G99) and Ryan Fast (G99), a girl, Abigail Elizabeth, Oct. 24, 2008, in Redding, Calif.

Elise (Barrero) Mathews (G99) and Brian Mathews (G05), a girl, Josephine Rose, Sept. 5, 2008, in Tualatin, Ore.

Joseph Williams (G99, MAT01) and Melody (Talburt) Williams (G00), a girl, Claire Mae, July 8, 2008, in Corvallis, Ore.

Beth (Randall) Armstrong (G00) and Travis Armstrong, a boy, Zane Garrison, Sept. 27, 2008, in Portland.

David Barbee (G00) and Emily Barbee, a boy, Grant Alexander, Dec. 15, 2008, in Doylestown, Pa.

Adam Collins (G00) and Lisa (Bauman) Collins (G00), a girl, Raileigh Grace, Jan. 13, 2009, in Roseville, Calif.

Jenifer (McAlister) DeWolfe (G00, MAT04) and Dan DeWolfe (SPS07), a boy, Alec Lincoln, July 5, 2008, in Tigard, Ore.

Amy (Osgood) Ingram (G00) and Erik Ingram, a boy, William Cian Brennan, Oct. 28, 2008, in Vancouver, Wash.

Seth Lambert (G00) and Janelle (Davis) Lambert (G01), a boy, Thaddeus James, June 26, 2008, in Riverview, Mich.

Rebecca (Jellum) le Roux (G00) and Marc
le Roux, a girl, Abigail Elizabeth, July 3, 2008, in Midrand, South Africa.

Rachel (Bellamy) Mardock (G00) and Robert Mardock (G00), a boy, Jude Michal, Aug. 30, 2008, in Seattle, Wash.

Aaron Meyer (G00) and Tauna Meyer, a boy, Jaron Davis, Dec. 19, 2007, in Beaverton, Ore.

Tauni (Clark) Records (G00, MAT03) and Jason Records, a boy, Ezra Jason, March 8, 2008, in Newberg.

Andrew Coleman (G01) and Marisa (Merritt) Coleman (G01), a boy, Elijah Grey, Jan. 16, 2009, in Portland.

Juli (Eggiman) Evans (G01) and Aaron Evans, a boy, Corvin, June 6, 2008, in Colorado Springs, Colo.

Cheryl (Tucker) Verver (G01) and Kevin Verver, a girl, Payton Ann, Jan. 25, 2008, in Edmonds, Wash.

Elise (Campbell) Willis (G01) and Daniel Willis (G02), a boy, Campbell Ethan, July 25, 2008, in Portland.

John Felton (G02, MAT03) and Amy Felton, a girl, Olivia Janee, Nov. 5, 2008, in Clackamas, Ore.

Jeff Kirksey (G02) and Sarah (Welstad) Kirksey (G04), a girl, Campbell Ann, July 23, 2008, in Beaver, Pa.

Sarah (Powell) Sanders (G02) and Phil Sanders, a boy, Uriah Daniel, Nov. 7, 2008, in Salem, Ore.

Janell (Hampton) Woods (G02) and Eric Woods, a boy, Carter Gregory, Dec. 1, 2008, in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho.

Chau (Gregory) Young (G02) and Ben Young (G03, MAT05), a boy, Silas Avery, May 27, 2008, in Whitefish, Mont.

Ryan Keeler (G03) and Rachel (Moskowitz) Keeler (G04), a boy, Levi Elias, Sept. 3, 2008, in Coos Bay, Ore.

Jared Meidal (G03) and Kim Meidal, a boy, Micah Jared, Sept. 12, 2008, in Valencia, Calif.

Kimberly (Saint Romain) Moore (SPS03) and Jason Moore, a girl, Harper Carrie, April 9, 2008, in Tualatin, Ore.

Silas Towne (G03) and Sara Towne, a boy, Elijah Silas, May 18, 2008, in Richland, Wash.

Chad Burns (G04) and Charissa (Grubbs) Burns (G04), a boy, Jacob Michael, Oct. 28, 2008, in Charlotte, N.C.

Chad Edwards (G04) and Demetria (Medina) Edwards (G04), a boy, Connor Joseph, May 27, 2008, in Portland.

Stephen Keck (G04) and Vanessa (Thurston) Keck (G04), a boy, Finley Ransom, July 20, 2008, in Denver.

Jeffrey McDonough (MA04) and Kimberly (Warrington) McDonough (G04, MAT08), a girl, Janae Ruth, July 22, 2008, in Portland.

Benjamin Wilkinson (G04) and Elizabeth (Bruno) Wilkinson (G04), a girl, Ellia Eve, Sept. 29, 2008, in Waterbury, Conn.

Robert Gaslin (G05) and Josey (Hilton) Gaslin (G06), a boy, Harris Robert, Jan. 11, 2008, in Salem, Ore.

Christina (Maguire) Schiedler (G05, MAT06) and Kevin Schiedler (G06), a boy, Cian Ryan, July 20, 2008, in Rock Springs, Wyo.

Haley (Stapleton) Liston (G06) and Josh Liston, a boy, Brady Ryan, Sept. 14, 2007, in Portland.

Andrew Byerley (MAT07) and Andrea Byerley, a girl, Eliana Amber, Nov. 17, 2008, in Clackamas, Ore.

Jaime Hudson (G07) and William Hudson, a girl, Charlotte May, June 15, 2008, in Silverton, Ore.

In Memory

Hedwig (Schaad) Stang (n30), Nov. 12, 2008, in Newberg.

Margaret (Parker) Dixon (n41), Oct. 18, 2008, in Tigard, Ore.

Margery (Wohlgemuth) Brash (G44), Dec. 8, 2008, in Albany, Ore.

Ruth (Engle) Wilhite (n50), Jan. 20, 2009, in Newberg.

Alice (Hodson) Clark (G55), Aug. 8, 2008, in Gresham, Ore.

Lyn (Edmundson) Olson (G57), Dec. 31, 2008, in Newport, Ore.

Mary Lou (Gillen) Outwater (G65), Feb. 10, 2009, in Forest Grove, Ore.

Michael Watkins (n87), June 28, 2008, in St. Helens, Ore.

Ryan Bartlett (G94), Dec. 2, 2008, in Malawi, Africa.  

More Stories

G Traditional graduate
n Traditional nongraduate
SPS School of Professional Studies graduate
GFES Seminary graduate
PsyD Doctor of psychology graduate
MAT Master of arts in teaching graduate
MBA Master of business administration graduate
MA Master of arts graduate
MEd Master of education graduate
MS Master of Science
MDiv Master of Divinity
EdD Doctor of education


A class act

Rich Swingle performing
When Rich Swingle (G91) was a George Fox student two decades ago, he spent many of his weekends visiting elementary schools and churches as part of the student touring drama group George Fox Players. It led to a career.

The former sociology/social work major now lives in New York City near Broadway and performs around the world. “Absolutely,” Swingle responds when asked if the after-class drama tours started him in a different direction. “It’s where it all started.”

Creating and performing one-man plays with religious themes, Swingle has crafted a ministry that allows him to combine his acting interest with his earlier plan to be a minister after seminary.

Swingle polished his drama talents by earning an MA in theater at City University of New York’s Hunter College and now is an actor/theatrical writer with plans to expand into directing. His acting has taken him to 17 nations, mostly to perform eight one-man plays he has written. He also has acted in a number of New York City productions, film, radio and CD-ROM, and has performed voice-overs and on-screen roles in several commercials.

Swingle was a writer for the documentary Olympic Hero in China: The Eric Liddell Story and will perform the role of Liddell. He now is developing a screenplay that will tell the rest of the Chariots of Fire story, with producer Ken Wales (Pink Panther films, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Amazing Grace).

Theatrical directing began last summer when he co-directed Tartuffe with John Kirby, acting coach on 20 major motion pictures. This summer with Kirby he will co-direct Thornton Wilder’s Our Town. Both are part of the MasterWorks Festival, held each summer in Winona Lake, Ind.

Advocating for peace

Allyn and Holly Dhynes
When Allyn Dhynes (G97) spoke out in late December, his words echoed around the world. His comments on the situation in Gaza while it was under Israeli attack were carried by media outlets from France to Mexico, Germany to England, and the United States.

“We utterly condemn Hamas’s rocket attacks on Israeli civilians,” said Dhynes, communications and advocacy manager for World Vision in Jerusalem, the West Bank and Gaza. “But we cannot justify this overwhelming military action by the Israelis that is killing and injuring many innocent civilians.”

“Whatever the cause of the conflict, we are advocating for a complete cessation of violence for the protection of civilians, especially children,” he said.

On Jan. 7, he again was on the world stage, participating in a United Nations headquarters-based press conference, pleading for a ceasefire and allowing humanitarian supplies to flow into Gaza.

Dhynes and his wife, Holly (Hyde) (G95), and two children have lived in Jerusalem since 2002. Previously, in the late ’90s they were in the West Bank teaching young Palestinians at the Ramallah Friends Schools, with support from Friends in Northwest Yearly Meeting.
“It has been our job to help Christians worldwide find ways to compassionately engage in change,” they reported. “God’s peaceable kingdom is near in ways the headline news will never declare.”