George Fox Journal Cover George Fox Journal - The Magazine of George Fox University | Spring 2009, Volume 5 Number 1

Faculty Research and Publications

Kathleen Heininge wrote a review of “Modernism, Drama and the Audience for Irish Spectacle” by Paige Reynolds in the Irish Literary Supplement.

Kevin Jones published “The persuasive function of the visual ideograph: The case of baby Samuel” in Visual Impact: The power of visual persuasion.

Matt Meyer edited and mixed sound for Magic Man, a feature film directed by Stuart Cooper and presented two papers at the University Film and Video Association titled “Teaching Film Techniques to the Video Generation” and “Top 10 Ways to Improve Film Sound.”

Melanie Mock wrote “The Misguided War on Christmas” for The Oregonian and “The Obvious Childe” for Mamazine.

Alex Pia presented “Campus Collaboration in Organizing the International Student Orientation” at the 2008 NAFSA Bi-Regional Conference in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Brent Wilson published “Wanted: Trained Security Specialists” for the Journal of Computing Sciences in Colleges.

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