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tent city

Tent City

Every spring, a section of lawn on the Newberg campus is transformed into a campground. Sophomores camp out in hopes of getting their first choice for Juniors Abroad trips – three-week tours scheduled during the annual May Term. The subsidized overseas courses reflect the university’s commitment to intercultural and international awareness. Since the beginning of the program, George Fox faculty have led trips to more than 22 countries.

Readers related their favorite memories of “Tent City,” an experience captured in a “Tell Us More” photo we published in our Fall 2008 issue. Here are their stories.

“I camped out in Tent City back in the spring of 2002. I remember it being such a big deal. People were very particular about which trip they felt they were supposed to go on. The excitement was contagious from tent to tent, and I remember coming to the realization that the Western Europe trip was going to rock my world.” — Kelly Cudney (G04)

students camping out

“I think one of my favorite memories at George Fox was participating in the annual Tent City. My class really thought through how to be in line for sign-ups and to keep us all unified from being pranked. Instead of everyone’s tent doors facing in different directions, most of them faced toward the center. Then we placed several tarps over the tents to create a covering, which helped us later on. The last night was by far the most interesting. Like always, other classes like to pull pranks on those in Tent City. However, my class was ready to strike back. Someone had gathered water balloons and had them ready to go. At around 9 p.m., Tent City was greeted by loud music playing off of Pennington Hall. It was meant to be a distraction while the pranksters came from another direction with flour-and-liquid-soap-filled water balloons. Because of our covering over the tents, not much got on the tents, but some of us had a nice powder on us when it was over. By the time sign-ups came the next morning, we were all ready to get the trip we wanted and then sleep in an actual bed.” —Brandon Wallace (G04)

“When I matriculated in the fall of 2001, I was told stories of pranking involving everything from milk poured around tents that turned sour in the afternoon temperatures to highly elaborate water balloon launchers. My favorite story from Tent City has to be the year of a terrible storm. Temperatures were so low and conditions so fierce that normal hazing practices were replaced with steaming hot cups of cocoa delivered to campers by the merciful upperclassmen.” —Sarah Myhre (G05)

Congratulations to Brandon Wallace (G04), whose response to the “Tell Us More” photo contest was selected at random. He will receive a $50 gift certificate to the George Fox University Store.

See photos of this year’s Tent City event online at

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