George Fox Journal Cover George Fox Journal - The Magazine of George Fox University | Spring 2009, Volume 5 Number 1

Message from the President

President Robin BakerMaking college affordable

In challenging times like these, it takes faith to see hope in our future. I’ve talked with many friends of the university who either feel the effects of the economic downturn or fear it will touch them soon. I know that some of our students and their families are grappling with financial losses and rising unemployment. It is easy to fear the future.

As a university with a Christ-centered mission, we are called to care for those in need. Even before these tough times, the university worked hard to make college affordable for students from all backgrounds. In a survey of economic diversity, George Fox ranked in the top third in our national university category for serving lower-income students. More than a quarter of our undergraduates receive Pell Grants, which are most often given to undergraduates with family incomes under $20,000.

George Fox ranked in the top third in our national university category for serving lower-income students

Financial aid is what makes college affordable for many of our students. Nearly 90 percent received aid this year. George Fox gave $14.7 million in student aid in 2008-09 and next year will award another $15.8 million. Over the past 10 years, we’ve increased student aid 53 percent.

We strive to be efficient in carrying out our mission of Christ-centered higher education. In an extra effort to keep our expenses low this coming year, we’re holding salaries at current levels and carefully examining each proposed staff or faculty addition. We realize that our students are taking a step of faith and making an investment in their future. We’re determined to make that investment both possible and worthwhile.  

This issue of Journal includes the stories of five social work graduates whose faith is leading them to serve those in need throughout the world. You can also find other stories of faith in the magazine, from the faith expressed by our country’s founding fathers to the faith of a persecuted Romanian pastor.

It was faith in Christ that gave Corrie ten Boom the courage to shelter Jews in her home during World War II, an action that saved many refugees from death and led to her imprisonment in several Nazi-run concentration camps.

Decades later, her words continue to inspire those of us who are inclined to fear the future: “Never be afraid to trust an unknown future to a known God.”  Her counsel is not easy, but I believe we must heed it. We must continue to place our trust and faith in God alone.  There is great comfort in knowing our future is in good hands.

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Robin Baker