Alumni Connections

Alumni News and Life Events  |  Marriages, births, and deaths information

Just married

Wayne Roberts (G44) and Norma Alberthal, Nov. 29, 2011, in Newberg.

Shelly Schultens (G03) and Danny Anslinger, May 21, 2011, in Welches, Ore.

Robert Bletscher (G05) and Carrie Donne, June 18, 2011, in Beaverton, Ore.

Michael Heide (G05) and Saurra Olesen (G06, MEd09), Oct. 1, 2011, in Corvallis, Ore.

Emily Thienes (G05) and Michael Dunay, Jan. 15, 2012, in Dallas, Ore.

Madeline Herman (G06) and Kory Knutz, Dec. 9, 2011, in Yamhill, Ore.

Jesse Lamm (G08) and Shannon Kilfoil (student), Dec. 17, 2011, in Newberg.

Kimberly McGiverin (G08) and Chris Harmon, Dec. 30, 2011, in Sherwood, Ore.

Lindsay McLemore (G08) and Tyrel Rawlins (G08), Sept. 17, 2011, in Black Butte, Ore.

Kyle Putnam (G08) and Julie Herr (G11), July 8, 2011, in Salem, Ore.

Candice Thiessen (G08) and Brandon Rhodes, Sept. 17, 2011, in Gresham, Ore.

Frederick Liddell (G10) and Jonelle Fodge (G11), Jan. 1, 2012, in San Diego.

Julie Townsend (G10) and Matthew Tarbutton, Nov. 11, 2011, in Phoenix, Ariz.

Amanda Werner (MAT10) and David Fettig, May 7, 2011, in Salem, Ore.

Keighley Patterson (MAT11) and Mark Barrett, July 30, 2011, in Bend, Ore.

Baby Bruins

Rebecca (Holman) Friesen (G89) and Eon Friesen, a boy, Jesse David, Aug. 23, 2011, in Flagstaff, Ariz.

Laura (Rathkey) Goodfellow (G96) and Tim Goodfellow (G97), a girl, Sarah Louise Iris, Oct. 15, 2011, in Newberg.

Isabella Patrice

Kailea (Curtis) Hunt (G97) and Edward Hunt, a girl, Isabella Patrice, Oct. 27, 2011, in Fairfax, Va.

Eleanor NadineScott Wade (G97) and Jill (Meyers) Wade (n99), a girl, Eleanor Nadine, April 5, 2011, in Wellsville, N.Y.

Chris Smith (G98) and Emily (Bogle) Smith (G00), a girl, Abbey Christine, Sept. 16, 2011, in Fort Collins, Colo.

Zander Langford

Amber (Lindsey) Goldapple (G99) and David Goldapple, a boy, Zander Langford, Nov. 20, 2011, in London.

Benjamin Kroon (G00, MAT02) and Sarah (Hopper) Kroon (G01), a boy, Cason James, March 25, 2011, in Torrance, Calif.

Kristina (Hanson) Findley (G01, MEd04) and Sean Findley (student), a boy, Judah Benjamin, Nov. 3, 2011, in Newberg.

Lucas Allen

Erin (Shank) Kingsley (G01) and Matthew Kingsley, a boy, Lucas Allen, June 22, 2011, in Lone Tree, Colo.

Amy (Duryee) Ocker (G01) and Jared Ocker (G01), a boy, Titus Younghui, born March 8, 2009, in Yunnan Province, China, and adopted Sept. 18, 2011, in Kunming, China.

Amy (Chapman) Porter (G01) and Tim Porter, a girl, Adelynn Maxine, Sept. 27, 2011, in Colorado Springs, Colo.

Cheryl (Tucker) Verver (G01) and Kevin Verver, a boy, Logan Joel, March 22, 2011, in Edmonds, Wash.

Sadie Elizabeth

Jeremy Johnston (G02) and Sara Johnston, a girl, Sadie Elizabeth, July 5, 2011, in Bellevue, Wash.

Jeff Kirksey (G02) and Sarah (Welstad) Kirksey (G04), twin boys, Everett Steven and Titus Jeffrey, Oct. 11, 2011, in Houghton, N.Y.

Aidan Christian

Carolina (Gervais) Warkentin (G02) and Aaron Warkentin (G05), a boy, Aidan Christian, Sept. 6, 2011, in Las Vegas.

Robin (Green) Spangler (G03) and Derek Spangler, a girl, Lexie Rae, March 13, 2011, in Grass Valley, Calif.

Corrinne (Buttrick) Strandy (G03) and Zach Strandy (G04), a girl, Chloe Isabelle, Dec. 2, 2010, in Spokane, Wash.

Silas Towne (G03) and Sara Towne, a girl, Mya Joy, May 4, 2011, in Richland, Wash.

Catherine (Hinchcliff) Hockett (G04) and Aaron Hockett, a boy, Jonah Gilbert, Nov. 2, 2011, in Portland.

Dana (Smith) Grover (G06) and Jonathan Grover (G06), a boy, Judah Joel, Jan. 8, 2012, in Newberg.

Kyle Johnson (G09) and Haley Johnson, a boy, Kolby Daniel, Oct. 24, 2011, in Tualatin, Ore.

In memory

Lois (Roberts) Hoskins (n38), Nov. 9, 2011, in Kapaa, Hawaii.

Eilene (Tamplin) Fodge (n48), Jan. 2, 2012, in Newberg.

Meredith (Hester) Fieldhouse (n60), Nov. 10, 2011, in Newberg.

Errol Eshaia (G70), Jan. 3, 2012, in Hubbard, Ore.

Kevin Gilbert (MA07), Dec. 26, 2011, in Oregon City, Ore.