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Barry Hubbell has spent 37 years behind the scenes at George Fox creating publications, producing events, promoting the university, and serving as a sounding board for presidents. A 1964 graduate, he has given nearly his entire career to his alma mater.

Barry has been director of information, director of college relations, sports information director, and executive assistant to the president. Over the last couple of years, he’s worked part time as communication specialist and university archivist.

When a president needed a task done, Barry often has been the one called. If the university was constructing a new building, Barry could organize a groundbreaking ceremony, create the invitations, write the plaque copy, and put out the press release.

Barry avoided the spotlight himself, but gave words to those up front. He wrote reports given by presidents and served as a valued resource for members of the board of trustees. If this citation were about anyone but him, he likely would have written it.

He has shaped the public image of the university for decades. In the 1970s, he was part of the process that brought in the Coca-Cola-style script logo and the Bruin bear logo. When college became a university in the 1990s, he handled hundreds of related logistical and marketing tasks. He has been the voice of the university through thousands of news releases and publications. He’s edited everything from the employee newsletter to the alumni newspaper LIFE to presidential letters and columns.

Barry helped set policy and guide the university as a member on the Administrative Council in the 1980s and the President’s Cabinet in the 1990s.

For decades, he has been behind nearly every high-profile special event at George Fox. He created elaborately decorated dinners for President’s Council donors, from the all-yellow dinner with yellow food, candles, flowers, napkins, and a 12-foot decorative sun to the jungle-theme dinner with vines, palm trees, and a giant stuffed gorilla. His campus-wide Christmas Celebrations during the 1990s annually attracted more than 2,000 attendees and featured a 30-foot Christmas tree, rides on horse-drawn wagons, children’s crafts, and 17 live entertainment groups. When George Fox celebrated its 100th birthday, Barry organized a massive Centennial Celebration that included fireworks, hot air balloon rides, and a birthday cake that fed hundreds. This spring, as always, he served as on-site manager for the Oregon Symphony concert and commencement ceremonies.

In addition to his public relations roles, Barry spent 22 years as sports information director, promoting Bruin teams and athletes. In the world of small-college basketball, he set the standard for professionalism. Always dressed in a suit and tie, he managed games tightly with information-filled press rows and uniformed Bruin Hosts and ball boys. When there were no university funds for team publications, he sold advertisements. His media guides and detailed game programs won more than 25 national awards — five named best in the nation. From Kansas City to Klamath Falls, he traveled to away games to host alumni events, write stories, and call scores back to newspapers. When he gave up his sports information duties in 1992, NAIA District 2 honored him with a meritorious service award. In 1996, he was elected to the inaugural class of the George Fox Sports Hall of Fame.

In his current part-time role, Barry has maintained the university’s relationships with the Oregon Symphony and with major publications such as U.S. News & World Report and The Princeton Review. He has managed the university’s master calendar, stepping in as a referee between departments when needed. Over the years, he’s become a living database for many on campus who seek history, a policy, or a person.  

When Barry was hired in 1968, the college had fewer than 400 students. His contributions have shaped George Fox University and many who have worked with him. We are grateful for your service.

In his own Words, Barry Hubbell's Top-10 Career Highlights.


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