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The Journal received more than 30 letters in response to the spring issue "Tell us more" photo. The excerpts below represent a small sampling of your sentiments.

>> Mike “Biggs” Wirta is someone I will never forget from my days at George Fox. You won’t find a more loyal fan of Bruin basketball, nor a more enjoyable person to talk with. His ability to capture every detail of a game with pencil and paper and then magically transform all the scratches into an absolutely perfectly scribed score sheet was amazing. Although I know that he has updated his process to capture Bruin stats with the help of a computer, some of us will always prefer to remember the “legendary” Biggs sitting at the scorer’s table with a pencil and paper.

Thanks for taking me back.

Brian Martin (’91)
Bruin basketball player 1989–91

>> I’m happy to share my memories of the Bruins’ “biggest” fan . . . Mike “Biggs” Wirta. It’s impossible to think of Biggs and not have a smile on my face. What a loyal, trusting, happy, and caring individual — someone who would genuinely do anything for anyone.

Congratulations, Biggs, on your 1,000th game!

Susie Fisher (’77)

>> Biggs took great care of the gym floor, even sweeping it during halftime of games. I think about that every time I’m at a basketball game . . . thinking someone should be sweeping the floor during the half like Biggs always did at Fox.

Tammy (Stockman) Malgesini (’82)

Romania During May Serve 2006, Mandee Spotts and 16 other students visited with nursing home residents in Pecica, Romania, while painting benches in their courtyard

The last issue of Journal included a story about a movement among George Fox students to live their faith by loving people in the world around them. This spring, that desire led a group of students to spend a month in Romania.

For the third time in five years, George Fox students traveled around the globe for the people of Romania.

In May, Andrea Crenshaw, the university’s director of outreach and service learning, and alumni Matt Johnson (’04) led 17 students back to one of Central Europe’s poorest countries. Today about a third of the Romanian population still lives below the poverty line.

During the month-long trip, the team built relationships and provided physical labor for six different ministry and social service organizations. The students poured concrete for a church building, moved debris, painted, and landscaped. They scraped old mortar off bricks so the bricks could be reused to build a home for a senior citizen.

When they weren’t working, the students befriended orphans, senior citizens, and women at a home for unwed mothers. Crenshaw and Johnson renewed friendships with several orphans they had met on a previous trip. “We were amazed at the growth of the kids,” Crenshaw said.

The students raised their own funds for the trip. George Fox’s May Serve program annually sends students overseas for a month of service and evangelism. Past trips have gone to Ukraine, India, Cuba, Jamaica, Brazil, Malawi, and the Philippines.

The July 2003 cover story of George Fox’s alumni newspaper LIFE featured a small group who returned to Romania to honor Tish Langston, a 21-year-old George Fox student who died in an auto accident hours before a 2002 May Serve trip to Romania.

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