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Suit and tie-dye

Dave Brandt in tie-dye

Yes, that is President David Brandt in a tie-dye shirt. And the reason for his vibrant attire — as several of you told us — is the university’s annual Serve Day. Brandt wore the shirt, a gift from a Eugene alumni group, one day each fall while working alongside students and university employees in volunteer projects all over the Portland area. Ben Weinert (G03) saw our spring issue 2007 “Tell Us More” photo and recognized Brandt immediately. “At first glance I didn’t think anything of the picture except that the house sure did look familiar,” he wrote. “Then I realized . . . ‘Hey, I think that’s me in the background.’ Sure enough, I remember when they took that picture and couldn’t believe I was looking at myself. (Brandt) always made me feel like he was just a normal, down-to-earth guy, who truly cared about each student he interacted with. The university will never be the same without him there.”

Congratulations to Irene Rose (G92), who received a $50 gift certificate to the George Fox University Store for her response.

Identify the festive occasion

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Can you identify the festive occasion that had these two students dressed in costumes of yore? During the ’80s and ’90s, hundreds of students sang and danced in the annual dinner theater under the direction of music professor John Bowman, who retires this summer after 27 years at George Fox. We invite you to send us thy olde memories of medieval mischief and merriment. All responses will be entered in a drawing for a $50 gift certificate from the University Store. Submit entries to or mail them to Journal, George Fox University, 414 N. Meridian St. #6069, Newberg, OR 97132.

Submit entries to or mail them to Journal, George Fox University, 414 N. Meridian St. #6069, Newberg, OR 97132


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