Bellows Beats Cancer

Haley Bellows

Hers was perhaps the most read and reacted to story in the history of the George Fox Journal, but it didn’t have a happy ending. Until now. When Journal readers left off with Haley Bellows in the fall 2013 issue, she was boldly battling cancer, head shaven in defiance of the chemotherapy and radiation treatments she had to endure, but still quick to flash her signature smile. Today, after a nearly two-year struggle, Bellows is cancer free.

“I was completely shocked when I first found out,” she recalls. “They wanted to explain what was next, but I was still stuck on [the words] ‘in remission.’” Those two simple words will mean some major changes in Bellows’ life. After taking a semester off to focus on her treatment, she will return to George Fox in the fall. “I’m just really excited to get back in the swing of things without having to worry about planning around constant doctors appointments and feeling sick,” she says. “I’m excited to start going to classes, getting an internship and just being back on the campus that I love full time.”

Another major change for Bellows: growing hair. “I love being able to wash my hair!” she exclaims. “It’s my new favorite thing!”

And through the experience, her faith has grown stronger than ever. “If it weren’t for this diagnosis, I would not live the way I am living today. I am living boldly and courageously,” she says. “Through [Christ] I can do all things. Through him, I have a hope and a future. He has made that possible for me.”