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Alumni Connections


Ronald Barnick (G54) and Darlene Zeller, Sept. 11, 2004, Salem, Ore.

Denise (Mills) Rickey (G76) and Eric Lyman, June 17, 2004, Newberg.

Roxie Aust (G90, MED96) and Allan Huffaker, June 26, 2004, Corvallis, Ore.

Corrie Batishko (G94) and Alan Busch, March 20, 2004, Wickenburg, Ariz.

Jennifer Davis (G94) and Jon Duquette, July 24, 2004, Aloha, Ore.

Tory Johnson (G95) and Dana Sandgren, March 6, 2004, Eugene, Ore.

Jay Kuhn (G97) and Tamie Neuman, June 5, 2004, Oregon City, Ore.

Amy Quarles (G97) and Peter Nelson, June 19, 2004, Phoenix, Ariz.

Heidi Houser (G98) and Aaron Vaubel, June 5, 2004, Springfield, Ore.

Kara Collatt (G00) and Jason Moore, April 17, 2004, North Bend, Ore.

Aron Depew (G00) and Amy Schill, June 1, 2004, Loma Linda, Calif.

Todd Hammans (G00) and Molly House, April 11, 2004, Wailea, Maui, Hawaii.

Kerina January (G00) and Billy Gruwell, Sept. 18, 2004, Springfield, Ore.

Anne Jeli (G00) and Rod Stewart, June 5, 2004, Portland.

Forrest Arnold (G01) and Amy Forbes (G01, MA03), July, 17, 2004, Jackson, Wyo.

Ramie Boyd (G01) and Nathan Moody (G01), July 31, 2004, Bandon, Ore.

Ryan Cruz (n01) and Stacia Wiggins, July 10, 2004, Peshastin, Wash.

Shara Denniston (G01) and Curtis Bauman, Aug. 21, 2004, Merlin, Ore.

Angela Dierickx (G01) and Jake Petrjanos, July 17, 2004, Forest Grove, Ore.

Shelly Jungwirth (G01) and Bryan Morris, June 19, 2004, Mount Angel, Ore.

Frances Kuntz (G01) and Forrest Towne (G02), Aug. 7, 2004, Missoula, Mont.

Janelle Walker (G01) and Christopher Christensen, Oct. 18, 2003, Springfield, Ore.

Aaron Bliss (G02) and Barbara Brown, Feb. 28, 2004, Beaverton, Ore.

Ryan Dearinger (G02) and Jessica Nelson (G04), July 31, 2004, Gearhart, Ore.

Benjamin Friesen (G02) and Angela Nichols (G03), May 22, 2004, Newberg.

Daniel Hunt (n02) and Marie Lavier, April 3, 2004, Hillsboro, Ore.

Dave Kilian (G02, MAT03) and Nicole Bostic (G04) Dec. 27, 2003, Marysville, Wash.

Kelsey Bates (G03) and Cory Nystul, Jan. 31, 2004, Salem, Ore.

Ryan Blanchard (G03) and Sarah Von Gunten (n05), July 9, 2004, Portland.

Benjamin McGarry (G03) and Chelsea Philips (G04), July 11, 2004, Aurora, Ore.

Gail Smead (MAT03) and Peter Zakovics, May 1, 2004, Las Vegas, Nev.

Zach Bascom (G04) and Jessica Bryant (student), July 18, 2004, Portland.

July 18, 2004, Portland. and Philip Kangas, July 31, 2004, Rocky Point, Ore.

Mike Christensen (G04) and Devon Marie Denniston, Aug. 14, 2004, Toledo, Wash.

Lisa Delzer (G04) and Jacob Cox (student), Aug. 1, 2004, Newberg.

Christine Leis (MAT04) and Andrew Urdhal, July 17, 2004, Aurora, Ore.

Jeffrey McDonough (MA04) and Kim Warrington (G04), June 19, 2004, Newberg.

Catrina Miller (G04) and Matt Higgins (student), May 29, 2004, Portland.

Jessica Moore (G04) and Samuel Bates, June 19, 2004, Hermiston, Ore.

Jeffrey Nelson (G04) and Lynette Caswell (student), June 19, 2004, Boring, Ore.

Sarah Zempel (n04) and Bill Monette Jr., June 5, 2004, Murphy, Ore.


Mark (G80) and Lynn (Watton) (G80) Holiday, a boy, Eithan Dale-Thomas, April 24, 2003, Bend, Ore.

Kelton (Tad) (G81) and Heidi Gehman Cobb, a boy, William Earnest, Feb. 29, 2004, Hartford, Conn.

Christine (Smith) (n88) and and Michael Cartwright, a boy, Patrick Lee, Jan. 20, 2004, Fort Worth, Texas.

Mark (G83) and a boy,

and Melissa Flolo, a girl, Katelyn Grace July 19, 2004, Vancouver, Wash.

Kenny (G87) and Louise Stone, a boy, Ashton Paul June 15, 2004, Auckland, New Zealand.

Rebecca (Nauman) (G89) and James (G90) Steele, a girl, Breanna Elizabeth, Nov. 11, 2003, Silverton, Ore.

Kristin (Carson) (G90) and Eric Loehrmann, a girl, Eva Kathleen, Feb. 13, 2004, Kirkland, Wash.

Rob (G91) and Susanne Filback, a girl, girl, Anne Rose Mahoney, April 19, 2004, Los Angeles.

Jeremy (G91, MBA96) and Jenny (Gibb) (G92, PsyD01) Huwe, a girl, Marguerite Lynn, Sept. 8, 2004, Sherwood, Ore.

Lisa (Ruvo) (G93) and Jeff Knipe, a boy, Jackson Jeffrey, Aug. 6, 2004, Portland.

Christy (Matsumura) (G93) and Jeff (G95) Nelson, a boy, Josiah Kai, July 31, 2004, Newberg.

Tom (G93) and Marlyss (Stenberg) (G93) Springer, a girl, Elizabeth Diane, Feb. 12, 2004, Portland.

Mike (G93) and Kerri Rasmussen, a boy, Carson Frederick, May 4, 2004, Spokane, Wash.

Aaron (G93) and Laurie (Richards) (G93) Rauch, a girl, Naomi Kay Linnaea, March 17, 2004, Newberg.

Mark (G94) and Maureen Daniels, a girl, Katelyn Maureen, April 29, 2004, Portland.

Jennifer (Eaton) (n94) and Jason Downer, a girl, Emma Sue, June 12, 2004, Moses Lake, Wash.

Michelle (Brown) (G94) and Scott Roberts, a boy, David James, Aug. 19, 2004, North Bend, Ore.

Karen (Brewster) (G95) and Richard Fangrad, a girl, Charlotte Elaine, June 17, 2004, Kitchener, Ontario, Canada.

Sarah (Morse) (G95) and Matthew Plies, a boy, Martin Paul, March 25, 2004, Portland.

Tiffany (Hayes) (G95) and Randy Schmidt, a boy, Kyle Matthew, Nov. 29, 2003, Silverton, Ore.

Shelly (Yoder) (G95) and Andrew Wenger, a boy, Joshua John, May 31, 2004, Brownsville, Ore.

Aaron (G96) and Janey (Townley) (G96) Backer, a boy, Joshua Ian, Sept. 25, 2003, Boise, Idaho.

Scott (G96) and Sarah Mansur, a boy, Tyler Andrew, June 8, 2004, Beaverton, Ore.

Gegi (Bonera) (G96) and George (n98) Ward, a girl, Marie Anne, July 31, 2004, Seattle.

John (G97) and Nikki (Peterson) (G97) Anderson, a boy, Brock Christian, June 6, 2004, Seattle.

Jake (G97) and Dawn (Napier) (G98) Coleman, a boy, Marshall Isaac, Aug. 21, 2004, Brea, Calif.

Carmajo (Robison) (G97) and David Syphard, a girl, McKenzie Faith, born April 9, 2004, adopted April 23, 2004, Molalla, Ore.

Caleb (G97) and Kara (Fouts) (G98, MAT01) Williams, a boy, Britton Henry, Aug. 6, 2004, Salem, Ore.

Kelly (Webb) (n98) and Tyler Congleton, a girl, Erin Noelle, May 17, 2004, Eugene, Ore.

Katie (Putignano) (G98) and Tim Gale, a girl, Madeline Rose, April 8, 2004, San Dimas, Calif.

John (G98) and Penny (McKee) (G98) Galvin, a girl, Avery Jo, July 25, 2004, Portland.

Tabitha (Hewitt) (G98) and Marshall Burgtorf a boy, Caedmon Robert, May 12, 2004, Stillwater, Okla.

Jamie (Ridley) (G98) and Scott Klucken, a girl, Ashley Marie, March 20, 2004, Twin Falls, Idaho.

Tricia (Rice) (G99) and Ryan Bates, a boy, Connor Daniel, May 8, 2004, Silverton, Ore.

Josh (G99) and Audra (Wilson) (G01) Cadd, a boy, Gabriel Zane, July 27, 2004, Portland.

Chad (G99) and Jaliene (Miller) (G00) Hollabaugh, a boy, Peter Bradford, July 8, 2004, Tualatin, Ore.

Alisha (Mulkey) (G99) and Ray Horton, a girl, Ellie Rae, May 19, 2004, Portland.

Elise (Barrero) (G99) and Brian Mathews, a girl, Madeleine Elise Feb.12, 2004, Tualatin, Ore.

Brian (G99) and Nicole Phipps, a girl, girl, Rowan Carmelle, May 1, 2004, Tualatin, Ore.

Chris (G00) and Chelsea (Dauber) (G01) Carbonell, a boy, Brennan Christopher, March 30, 2004, Palo Alto, Calif.

Jamie (G00) and and Erin (Oates) (G01) Johnson, a boy, Kincaid Roderick, Aug. 24, 2004, Beverly, Mass.

Todd (G00) and Jayme Kimberly, a girl, Dagny Christine, July 21, 2004, Tualatin, Ore.

Madeline (Douglas) (G00) and Andy Martin, a boy, Michael Joseph, May 20, 2004, Gilroy, Calif.

Jason (G00) and Adrienne (Gerick) (G00) Schwanz, a boy, Judah James, Sept. 12, 2004, Newberg.

Tae (G01) and Marissa (Clark) (G01) Eyon, a boy, Jin John William, Oct. 28, 2003, Bremerton, Wash.

Rick (MBA03) and Sarah McClatchey, twin girls, Riley Rebecca & Emma Elizabeth, April 20, 2004, Portland.

Eric (MBA04) and Susie Bell, a girl, Jada Qing, born July 13, 2004, adopted May 17, 2004, Guanjo, China.


Mitchell Shimmin (DPS97), Aug. 17, 2004, Salem, Ore.

Karissa Edwards (n06), Nov. 13, 2004, Newberg.

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G Traditional graduate
n Traditional nongraduate
SPS School of Professional Studies graduate
GFES Seminary graduate
PsyD Doctor of psychology graduate
MAT Master of arts in teaching graduate
MBA Master of business administration graduate
MA Master of arts graduate
MEd Master of education graduate


Divine Role

Lindsay Younce, a 2004 graduate of George Fox, landed the lead role in Thérèse: The Story of Saint Thérèse of Lisieux almost by chance. During a national talent search for the movie, released last September, more than 100 actresses auditioned to portray Thérèse Martin, a 19th century French girl who became a Carmelite nun at age 15. Though she died of tuberculosis at only 24, her autobiography became a devotional best seller. She was canonized in 1925.

Initially, director Leonardo Defilippis was not satisfied with the candidates. Then he saw the audition tape of Younce, who had not intended to audition for the part.

"When I heard they would be filming this movie in the area, I called to see if I could just be on the set," Lindsay says. "The person who took the call mistakenly thought I was calling to get an audition." Before she knew it, Younce had landed her first film role.

Lindsay Younce as Saint Therese The movie was actually completed four years ago after Younce graduated from high school. But because it is an independent film (produced by Luke Films) paid for entirely by donations, it did not gain release until this fall.

Lindsay honed her craft at George Fox, appearing in such plays as A Midsummer Night’s Dream, The Crucible, Man of La Mancha, and A Shayna Maidel, to name a few.

"I appreciated the fact George Fox was a Christian university that respected the arts. You don’t have to do a ‘Christian’ play to see God’s love come through it," says Younce, who earned a bachelor’s degree in writing and literature in 2003 and a master of arts in teaching degree the following year. "The productions respected the art of theatre while still maintaining integrity."

As for the opportunity to play Thérèse, Lindsay approached the role with enthusiasm and reverence. "I was so excited to get the part, but at the same time it was intimidating," she says. "The magnitude of the whole project was bigger than I expected. The role itself taught me a lot. So much of her life is a mystery, yet her love of God is so clear. She was so free to express herself. She really took to heart the verse that speaks of being like a child to enter the kingdom of God."

- Sean Patterson

The National Champ of Literature

Gina (Withnell) Ochsner continues to dazzle the literary world. The 1992 George Fox writing /literature graduate’s short story, "The Fractious South," was published in the Aug. 23 issue of The New Yorker. The national magazine claims heavyweight status in the intellectual and artistic world. Its readers, Ochsner says, are the kind of people who "buy cheeses with names that are hard to pronounce."

"It’s like winning the national championship of literature," says Becky Ankeny, professor of English.

Ochsner - an adjunct professor at George Fox - already has won dozens of national and international literary awards, including the Flannery O’Connor Award for her book of short stories, The Necessary Grace to Fall. Another of her stories has been selected for "Best American Non-Required Reading 2004," an annual collection of short fiction and nonfiction pieces.

What’s next besides raising three children under the age of nine? Her second book, People I Wanted to Be, will be published by Houghton Mifflin in May. She’s also submitting another piece to The New Yorker and has promised a novel to her publisher.

- Rob Felton