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Since its beginning, this institution - whether known as academy, college, or university, Pacific, or George Fox - has always valued communication with its constituents. The formats and the cycles have changed to fit the times, sometimes every few years, sometimes every decade or so. The most recent format, LIFE, was started January 1971 and lasted a third of a century. The publication was updated at least four times but continued its name and tabloid size.

Pictured are some of the mediums through which the institution has communicated. The George Fox College Bulletin debuted in 1950 within a few months following the name change from Pacific College. That name lasted 20 years but with at least four size and format changes over that span, the last in 1966. Prior to the Bulletin, periodic letters, fliers, cards, and mailers were sent to alumni and friends.

While the LIFE format has ended and the name is now history, the same purpose remains. We hope you will enjoy our continuing effort to inform and inspire our readers by presenting an intimate and honest portrait of George Fox University.

A New George Fox Journal

More than 300 years ago, a man named George Fox shared his story through his journal. The Journal of George Fox became a Christian classic, describing his spiritual journey and countercultural ministry built upon the belief that Christians in all walks of life could be guided by the personal leading of Christ.

Today, George Fox University begins sharing its stories through the publication of the new university magazine George Fox Journal. Like its namesake, George Fox University encourages its students in every field to seek Christ’s leading.

The name and magazine format are new, but Journal is really an expansion of the university’s tabloid newspaper LIFE. Thirty-four years ago, LIFE replaced the newsletter Bulletin. As the university grows, so has our publication. We welcome your comments and suggestions as we endeavor to share the stories of George Fox University.


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LIFE as we knew it
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