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Keeping Relevant for the Future

President David Brandt The George Fox University story has been told since 1885. The founding vision was for a Quaker academy. It took only a few years for that vision to grow to include higher education. By the late 1940s, the college formally took on the identity of George Fox, the founder of the Quaker movement in central England. Only since 1996 have we been George Fox University. We have a rich heritage, but it is a heritage that has changed and grown over these almost-120 years, while always being unabashedly Christ-centered.

Discussion about changes at George Fox usually revolves around the topic of size - we have grown and now serve more than 3,000 students. We have multiple campuses, multiple schools in the university, and more employees than in the past. Size, however, is only one measure of an institution. The qualitative changes truly define an organization. George Fox’s institutional history, written by history professor Ralph Beebe in honor of our 100th year as an institution of higher education in 1991, identifies several important eras that define George Fox University.

Now the university, once again, is poised to write another defining chapter in its history. In the fall of 2006 we will begin to offer nursing courses to students who this fall began their George Fox education as prenursing students. When those students graduate in 2008, we will be prepared to complete the nursing accreditation process. We also are seeking professional accreditation in several additional areas, including social work and engineering.

I am excited about these changes. I believe they will further enhance the education we offer our students and will maintain, as strongly as ever, our commitment to a high-quality, Christ-centered education. The centrality of technology in our society and the great need for health care professionals gives strong support to the relevance of our new curricular choices. George Fox University needs to be an integral part of the world to bring Christ to our society from all directions.

To accomplish and enhance these new programs, we are launching "A Defining Chapter," a set of projects to be completed by August 2006. The nursing program requires start-up funds, and we need to provide space for the nursing program by renovating and expanding the Hoover Academic Building. We must provide adequate residence space for additional students, and we must provide funding to purchase the current Providence Newberg Hospital, adjacent to the campus to the east. These projects will require a combination of funds raised from our friends and some bond funding. I invite you to help us write this new chapter to assure the continued relevance of George Fox University at a defining time in our history.

Dr. David Brandt


Words from Wood-Mar
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