Kaleo - 'Sticky Faith' - Saturday, February 26, 2011 - George Fox University, Newberg Campus - A Conference for People Who Minister to Youth
Sticky Faith - Kaleo 2011

When your students pick up their high school diplomas, what happens to them? If you’re like most youth ministries, close to half of your graduating seniors pick up their diplomas and ditch their faith. Why is that? For those graduates who remain connected to Jesus, what is it that makes the difference? And how can we be made aware of the ways we may be subtly sabotaging our students’ faith, despite our best intentions?

This day will take a deep look at ongoing research conducted by the Fuller Youth Institute on students just like yours. Kara Powell and Jon Furman will provide practical ways to keep students of all ages and grades engaged in your ministry, and more importantly their faith, so that they build faith that sticks.

Kaleo – called – is for people who minister to youth – pastors, parents, teachers, mentors and friends – who are called to be challenged to think and live differently for the sake Christ and the youth they love and lead.

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