Liberal Arts and Critical Issues

Liberal Arts and Critical Issues (GEED 490) is a required part the of General Education program taken during the senior year.
This course is designed to encourage students to integrate their specialized knowledge and general education with Christian faith, in the context of addressing a public issue of current significance.

Each Monday, students gather for a lecture on some aspect of the chosen topic and then meet later in the week in groups of twenty with a faculty member for discussion.

The focus of the course changes each semester. Topics are chosen by faculty and student groups using the following criteria:

  • connects to many/all majors
  • holds current public interest
  • offers options for social action
  • invites discussion on the integration of faith, learning, and vocation
  • engages seniors and faculty in meaningful conversation, and connects to life after college 

The Spring 2017 topic is The Future of the American Dream.  Monday lectures are open to the campus and a schedule can be found in the brochure.  This course has a resource website with links to many websites, articles and books on The Future of the American Dream.

On Monday, April 10, 2017, about 50 student research exhibits will be on display from noon to 4 p.m.  These exhibits will represent the culmination of the semester’s work for the students participating in Liberal Arts and Critical Issues this semester.  Displays will be located in the EHS Atrium and Hoover Lower Lobby.  Previous years' exhibits can be found on our facebook page.

Upcoming Topics:

This is the final semester for LACI (GEED 490)


Previous Topics:

Fall 2016 Islam and the West 

Spring 2016 Christianity and American Pop Culture

Fall 2015 The Majority World and the West

Spring 2015 Finding Our Way in Postmodern America

Fall 2014 Islam and the West

Spring 2014 State of the Union

Fall 2013 State of the World

Spring 2013 State of the Union

Fall 2012 Islam and the West

Spring 2012 Christians and American Culture

Fall 2011 The Majority World and the West

Spring 2011 Future of the American Dream

Fall 2010 Islam and the West

Spring 2010 Christianity and American Pop Culture

Fall 2009 The Majority World and the West

Spring 2009 The Future of the American Dream 

Fall 2008 Islam and the West

Director Contact Information:

Ron Mock 503-554-2680